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Im deeply worried about these people.

[01:18] SQL Stemz. RAZER: and who are you?
[01:18] TRIDENT kropt/slut: sorry
[01:18] TRIDENT kropt/slut: not known as a nerd
[01:18] SQL Stemz. RAZER: sorry i dont speak to rands
[01:18] TRIDENT kropt/slut: who fucks guys
[01:18] TRIDENT kropt/slut: to get somewhere
[01:18] TRIDENT kropt/slut: in a game
[01:18] SQL Stemz. RAZER: wut
[01:18] SQL Stemz. RAZER: LOL
[01:18] TRIDENT kropt/slut: ill fuck you for CGp (c) stemz

[12:20]  neg: you should definitely dye your pubes bright pink
[12:21] eSuba` Stemz: i might ey
[12:21]  neg: i reckon thats 100% legit

MEGA: Stemz When we go to melbourne next, can we have your milkshakes?

[19:11]  neg: you know the only thing that would make your cheeks look better?
[19:11] eSuba` Stemz: ?
[19:11]  neg: IF MY DICK WAS ON THEM
[19:11]  neg: totally fuck yeah


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