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Name: tim
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loofing for mid team 210 days ago
CG V6! 311 days ago
I suspect this absent rat is cheating. 336 days ago
Strat Website 337 days ago
Looking for an AWPER / IGL 344 days ago
LFM - CGa 345 days ago
Chosen LFM 345 days ago
Stinkfist and Foxanity LF3M or LFT 395 days ago
Spudda LFT :D Looking for a team 409 days ago
LFT nuiie 411 days ago
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Spudda LFT :D Looking for a team 411 days ago
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Somememeteam LF1M CGA **PREF IGL** 676 days ago
spudda LFT !!! 741 days ago
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PUBG Name: twitchtv_tehspd
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