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Fun Facts
Fav Drink: Root beer
Fav Alchoholic Beverage: Angry Juice

I have competed competitively since cod2 and played casually in cod1. After cod2 i reluctantly moved to cod4 moving through various competitions and mods.

Played cgi/p every season accept for season 3. Played cod5 a little till it died. I still now continue to play cod4 as my main game for fray. Other games i'm playing or planning on are SC2 dota2 CSS CSGO and dayz

Highest achievement -
BAN:Forum Section Ban: League of Legends Discussion
IP BAN [Reason: Inappropriate forum post] (6 months)


"You should go to the gym aswell fire" - Muso
"I would rather prac nades" - Fire


"I learnt to Startcraft 2" - Muso
"One does not simply learn Starcraft"- Firestrike


"Next C.O.D they will make you have to finish the game your self with paint tools" - Nozzle

ZENITH HEKTIK: making movies by day
ZENITH HEKTIK: catching hackers by night'
saevio'm u s o #Pan : Who are you??

Nozzle : How hard do u grip it?
Muso : What??
Virtue: What kind of question is that
Nozzle : i grip it so hard my thumb hurts
Muso :|

Firestrike : Where the fucks my car
Firestrike : Hold on gotta piss off the balcony
Firestrike : There are old people watching me piss of the balcony
Muso : What...

Nozzle : " Remember that time where Fire didn't sleep for 3 days on the release of Black ops"

pwr / demzy.CL `EM: got taken der wif herringway aka big santa boi who hes more ded skun on hum than a ded persun
pwr / m u s o Saevio: Umm what?

LOVE VIRTUEEEEE. pgs: nice rq
enVision. StuKa LFS: nice u need a mod to play better

Matt : Nah cant scrim going out to movies in abit

Demzy : MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM i guess ill have to get through season 2 of gossip girl now, FAGGOT!

Hawks: Did you just call him a faggot and mentioned gossip girl?!

Demzy: Well I have finished season 1 that's on my hard drive so..

Hawk: So i was playing LoL then we went to play Runescape

Demzy : LOL!
Imez : *too high off v to notice hawks spastic remark*

Quote from Pol on the 3rd of August 2011:
You know the community has no hope when Demz has more clue than the moderators.

saevio'FireStrike lfc: i found a massive pimple on my dick
saevio'FireStrike lfc: and poped it
saevio'FireStrike lfc: puss went everywhere

"I feel like killing myself" - Stace

iMez : Demz is my passion , he just gets me hard you know

Hawk : i would rather just rush and get frags

Bleach : So what music do you like muso
Muso : old rock like the beatles , led zeplin zztop, rolling stones.
Fantasy : Who the fuck listens to the beatles
Muso : ...... whut are you new? That's like saying who is Jimi Hendrix
Bleach : The who?
Muso: Yeah they are a good band as well
Bleach : no, who is Jimi Hendrix
Fantasy : ?????
Muso : -___-

Bleach : U'd think after all my cod hours i'd be good.

Fantasy : how much have you played?

Bleach : 14,000

Muso : That's not possible

Fantasy : Dude its not possible warfear doesn't even have that much

Bleach : Nah i have played 14,000

Muso : kk xfire link

Bleach : (makes up some excuse about why it doesnt show on xfire)

Fantasy : Lols for half an hour

Mark must be mad he couldn't nade me (C) iMez

ANON: If Kaylee isn't a girl its going to be real awkward
Muso : why??
ANON : she had nudes of me

>>>>> X5 forever strating

x5.Samson [WD]: i've been up all day :<
x5.Samson [WD]: so tired
EYR m u s o: go sleep
x5.Samson [WD]: MUST...PRACTICE...

"It's predictable" - Imez

"Seriously guys" - Demzy

"Jimi Hendrix plays a right handed guitar left handed " - muso

"So your the computer version of Jimi Hendrix " - Demzy

"Wow, if someone offered me 3 grand i'd slit my moms throat " - extacy
"wut" - muso,steve fantasy

fantasy: demz has issues
extacy: i had issues once
extacy:but i burried them in steves mums vagina
steve:my mums dead
extacy: that didnt stop me

Kizmmit : I don't want to do anything gay with him i just want to hold him.... for a while
muso: :| :|
Justin: :| :|

Samson : Its not all that bad
Steve: uhhhhhhhhh
Samson : U can enjoy the scenery!

Birdman : " I Bet deep down every girl wants to be raped"

Justmatel - Wow, if my girlfriend left me i would hunt her down and slash her throat

Hekkers at his best

"Sensuki's ass has got me hooked" - Mclovin

[17:15] Zaps LFT: hey
[17:15] m u s o: hey
[17:15] Zaps LFT: Me and SupRa made a Team and i was woundering if you would like to join
[17:15] Zaps LFT: ?
[17:16] m u s o: Whats your profile number
[17:16] Zaps LFT: ?
[17:16] Zaps LFT: we are CGA
[17:16] m u s o: no no like
[17:16] m u s o: your profile number
[17:16] m u s o: fool
[17:16] Zaps LFT: ?
[17:16] Zaps LFT: wat
[17:16] m u s o: ...........
Conversation ended: Sat, Feb 11 17:17:01 2012
Conversation started between m u s o and Zaps LFT: Sat, Feb 11 17:17:25 2012
[17:17] Zaps LFT: (720bce2b)
[17:17] m u s o: ...........
[17:17] m u s o: ............
[17:17] m u s o: ..............
[17:17] Zaps LFT: wat

MF.SteelSeries Fiend: [21:19] gat: scrim?
[21:19] MF.SteelSeries Fiend: to scrim
[21:19] MF.SteelSeries Fiend: or not to scrim
[21:19] MF.SteelSeries Fiend: that is the question
[21:19] gat: lol
[21:19] MF.SteelSeries Fiend: whether it is nobler in the mind
[21:20] MF.SteelSeries Fiend: to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous non-scrimming
[21:20] MF.SteelSeries Fiend: or to take arms against a sea of scrimming
[21:20] MF.SteelSeries Fiend: and by opposing, end them?
[21:20] gat: ok ok
[21:20] gat: scrim?
[21:20] gat: or not
[21:20] MF.SteelSeries Fiend: To die, to scrim, no more
[21:20] MF.SteelSeries Fiend: and by a scrim
[21:20] MF.SteelSeries Fiend: to say we end the heart-ache and the thousand natural scrims that flesh is heir to
[21:20] gat: scrim or not
[21:20] MF.SteelSeries Fiend: 'tis a consummation devoutly to be scrim'd
[21:20] MF.SteelSeries Fiend: To die, to scrim, to scrim, perchance to dream, ay, there's the rub
[21:20] gat: fukn hell scott
[21:21] MF.SteelSeries Fiend: For in that scrim of death what dreams may come?
[21:21] gat: core 5 spot for mindfreak
MF.SteelSeries Fiend: shit
MF.SteelSeries Fiend: thats not meant to be to you
MF.SteelSeries Fiend: LOL
m u s o: LOLOLOL

_conkaa_dn: yo
_conkaa_dn: do you know what we're doing?
m u s o: i was just gonna frag
_conkaa_dn: like strats wise
m u s o: what are u gonna do?
_conkaa_dn: die
_conkaa_dn: every round

Spud : Fuck the community i hate you all.

Fray AND qmx : Muso you have our support (about season being bad)

Conka : can you hear?
ND : My hearing is seven
Muso : What?

Conka: This kinda looks like a dick?
Muso: if you flip it sorta i guess...
Savage: Guys i wanna see the dick, i love dick

*in response to after seeing fiends "i dont hack" video*
someone remove him from the gene pool (C) Jett

(trolik asking what extacy alias is)

Trolik : are you umm king of
Extacy : Aus?
Trolik: yeah
Extacy: Why yes i am thanks for asking
Trolik: -___-

Extacy : If your in a cold shower and wank off over 30 bombs you can do it online
Muso: what am i hearing
Extacy: nah nah stay with me
Extacy: sex is like pokemon, evolution chains

Sammy : Cya at nvidia lan muso
Sammy : or never again
Sammy: ill neck my self if we don't win.

Savage : CAT NO , DON'T SIT ON MY MOUSEPAD. i put out another mouse pad that's exactly the same for it to sit on but no...,-enjoy-guys-:%29/ please remove your self from the gene pool

muso: the one time i slut for you and you play like spastics
spud: how does it feel playing with mudbloods
muso: -___-

I'm the only normal one in mf (c) Raddick

MF.Steelseries Fiend: kenji is a mod man
MF.Steelseries Fiend: WE DID IT FOR THE UNBANS

Dutchy : I use a candle holder as a mouse bunjee

Muso: Farkk frenetic array more like aesthetic array
Stace: farrrrkkk lololol
Skippy: Yeah, i'd defs be the sub on that team



Muso : mmmmm whyyy?


gat: wow
gat: will slut cgi+
fray.razer m u s o: Yeah
gat: a slut with standards


Prawny : Wow, stace must be a grass type pokemon.... because that burn was super effective
Dutch : Really .....

fray.razer m u s o: Heres one i thought of the other day. How many players from x5 does it take to screw in a light bulb
fray.razer m u s o: trick question it'd require 1 of them to get off the ground
fray.razer m u s o: OHHHHHH

fray.razer m u s o: fiend what is this
fray.razer m u s o: not in this ban thread !
fray.razer m u s o: god who are you paying off ;P
MF.SteelSeries Fiend: bro
MF.SteelSeries Fiend: i'm the fkn gingerbread man

Gat: where you from muso
Muso: Adelaide
Gat : wait so that's in ACT
Muso: what? huh?
Gat : Capital of act is adelaide
*googles adelaide*
Gat: capital of south Australia muso is adelaide
Muso: im going to have to quote you

Stace : I'm mad

Sammy: Welcome to syf we only have 1 rule here
Muso: whats that?
Sammy: don't tell anyone we cheat
Muso: kk
Sammy: coz we'll all get banned spud will lose admin and it'll be a bad day

reZ: "I've finally found childporn, i've always wanted to get some but never knew where to look"

Cheetahs have stripes you idiot (C) Sammy

conkaa: what do you bench/deadlift?
fray.razer m u s o [SYF]: Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth

I would rather play with arsey than spud (C) sammy

Mindfreak eSports are suspended indefinitely from the website and all competitions (C) Asterix

Wow.... does sammy fucking have fucking.. Tri polar (C) Rampage

zues: holy shit
ThermaL LFT: sup
zues: thermal
zues: u wona help me
ThermaL LFT: ??
zues: can i take over your idenity
ThermaL LFT: lol
ThermaL LFT: can u help me
ThermaL LFT: help me be like a good cod 4 player
sonic`ThermaL: ?
zues: yeah
sonic`ThermaL: kgo
sonic`ThermaL: can u give me ur heals
sonic`ThermaL: hacks
zues: first
zues: send me your cdkey
sonic`ThermaL: ok
zues: and ur cg profile username and password
sonic`ThermaL: np
sonic`ThermaL: ............?>??????????????
sonic`ThermaL: u the nub
zues: sup babe
sonic`ThermaL: how are u
zues: well i got perm banned
zues: again
zues: u know how it is
sonic`ThermaL: yeah lol
zues: rofl
zues: what u been up to
sonic`ThermaL: same
sonic`ThermaL: i got banned to
zues: it's because im a niga
zues: what can i do
zues: blacks for life i said
zues: got perm banned
sonic`ThermaL: lol
sonic`ThermaL: gg
zues: instant ban
zues: being black
<This user is now offline>
<This user is now online>
zues: ill buy your account off your for 100 bucks
sonic`ThermaL: 200
sonic`ThermaL: kgo
zues: 200?
zues: fuck
zues: see i can be unbanned if i pretend im you
zues: and you can be my brother
zues: make a new cg account
sonic`ThermaL: lol
zues: ill play as thermal
zues: get you in a cgp team
zues: make you pro
ThermaL LFT: np
zues: you can have my cdkey
zues: then give me urs
zues: then give me ur xfire
ThermaL LFT: ok
zues: then make a cg thread
zues: saying ur LFC scope
ThermaL LFT: $200
zues: $200 FUCK U
zues: i'll buy you lunch
ThermaL LFT: lol
ThermaL LFT: bahahahahaa
ThermaL LFT: lol

I'M RECKLESS! (C) Entice

Classic dumb exbocers

nkzrr: kizmmit you want the truth? I bought it off a guy called ref for my old steam account. happy?

stainzz: bl vox

mclovinnnnn: vox won u noob

stainzz: oh lol

is tiramisu a breed of dog (C) Tom?

Muso : Wow this descendent of Nepolion studies at Paris uni and is hot and around my age... i got this.
Jake : Just get a transfer from your uni
Nuke : Who's muso talking about?
Tom: The descendent of that guy who like lost ww2 or something

I played COD competitively for xbox360 and moved to PC with a xbox contoller adapter. People think that mouses have advantages over the controller, but when you've been using a controller you're whole life.... It's just as easy as using a mouse. - archie bro

Playing csgo
Muso : haha Dylan you have no money!
Kizmmit : I know , my macro is incredible

Jake : " I don't care, call the cops! They can't unrape you

Tom " she was hot before she hit puberty"

classic console/ 10

" You sir, just crossed the line.
To list everything. To build a decent gaming PC it cost over $400 and can range up to $600.
Trust me this is not anywhere near $200 for a PS3.
Secondly PC gamers are all fucking hackers you all have access to aimbot, wall-hack and everything a console cannot get. You guys have private servers for and can do anything you guys want.
You guys can play a public game of SND with 18 players. You guys rig the map and you guys add weird detail into the maps. You guys change colours of the maps and you guys make maps which are played in daylight to night.
You guys rig everything on PC you guys can play have guns unlocked at level 50 when you first start.
You guys have pre-set classes at level 1. You guys can use aimbot, even though the person gets banned you guys still have to deal with stupid idiots and on PS3 nothing like that exists.
To put it mildly PC sucks. You guys use a mouse to aim and a keyboard to control character motion it's stupid as fuck. You guys strafe jump half way across the map so easily it's fucking rigged.
PS3 control is built for gaming, unlike the mouse and keyboard which was initially built for typing messages and a mouse which shouldn't even be used to aim/shoot." - Vyn

i like how in csgo the bullet slows you down... then in cod it speeds you up

Nuke : Tom is from prussia
Tom: No I'm not! Prussia isn't even a place anymore its between Russia and France idiot

"Eat more, lift regularly and patience" - Stace 2012

I came home early because some girl touched my hair, there will be none of that (C) Anomaly

Anomaly : You are too young for jake
Face : Maybe he likes them young and fresh.

Anomaly : Shes old enough, shes 16

Muso: i mean I'm not bad a poker
xtc : gat and french said the same thing, then i stole their money!

On skype -
Hears mx cherry blue keys being typed very swift and vigorously

Muso : " Dylan is everything okay sounds like your messaging an admin about something that's really made you angry

Dylan - LOLOL YES how'd u know!

From some mwf3 rand

Quote from zammR on the 25th of October 2012:
It's a 2v2 plugin called 'CurveTheKnife'
It's similar to the lean in cod4 except you can do it with knives, so Josh held q to lean the knife to the left which then turned the enemy into a unicorn.

Hydra : Man i'm more excited for this thread than my first wank.

SQL conkaa RAZER: mdma is safer than alcohol
SQL conkaa RAZER: srs

I played LoL once, who ever was playing the other 5 heroes did a good job. (C) Flash.

Quote from Nickydee. on the 3rd of October 2012:
if you don't like being called fat than do something about it, ez
And if I was gay and didnt like being taunted about being gay, what could I do then?

if you don't like being called fat than do something about it, ez
And if I was gay and didnt like being taunted about being gay, what could I do then?

scdLr: unbiased admin 101 - bury everything


Muso : so turns out this teacher at my school was sexually active with a student. I mean i dont get it at all this teacher was really good i had him for about 3 years

Kizmmit : Sounds like someone else had him for 3 years aswell

Muso: HAHAHAHA that's good i'm going to use that next time it comes up

Kizmmit: It looks like it already has
Muso: What?

Kizmmit : "Come up"

Muso: God damnit dylan

Punmmit continued

Muso: remember when we didn't have dual 120hz monitors

Kizmmit: Yeah there just so many hz it "hurts" my eyes

Muso: God damnit dylan

Muso : see my reply to this cyanide fag?
Extacy : yeah man you booked him
Muso: Thanks man that means alot.

u know ur probably already bigger than me (c) Conka

Fiend : What lawyer did you use man? *to bear*

- Josh don't give a fuck
fray.razer m u s o: apparently we meant to set up some match or something
fray.razer JOSH: meh
fray.razer JOSH: fuk the police

Serialz with that jaw line why are you playing cod? (c) fiend

You are 5 times more likely to cheat than to exist fiend (c) Serialz

The evidence you have is different to what i believe (c) Meddler '
You know you've fucked up when motion takes the time out of his day to ban you. (c) Tom

the gigs up neg we know your Asterix.
the only person/member to have an IP Ban exemption on there profile.
so do the world a favor and FUCK right OFF!!! (c) Tailgunner

Tom buries my post i bury his family -Kizmmit

Serialz : If i didn't run cod4 axeon would be up $400

How would you rank the overall quality of this call ? , Well i'm going to click excellent because Justin is gone (c) Kizmmit

oh my BrooKe -

Usain Bolt runs 19.19 for 200m.
Sally Pearson runs 12.28 for 200m, whilst jumping over hurdles.

ive seen a lot of dicks in my time - Justin

[21:27:37] Dylan Khane Nguyen: Conkaa's presence in this Skype chat gives me the strength to stop cars with my mind

[14:40:27] Dylan Khane Nguyen: if women cared about the truth then feminism wouldnt exist
[14:40:29] Dylan Khane Nguyen: #realtalk

[22:27] fray.razer m u s o: honestly like how do you do it. How are you meant to explain something to people that dont know what the right thing is.
[22:33] x5.Samson [WD]: just gotta keep believing that maybe, just maybe, you will get through to one person, and it will all be worth it
[22:33] fray.razer m u s o: HAHAHA

[17:18:52] Scott Eastman: i donate to sperm banks
[17:19:15] Dylan Khane Nguyen: can you imagine all the future criminals we're going to end up with

The lie became so real, even I believed it. ( c ) - Fiend

[19:44:22] Tom McHugh: turtles are like swaggy crabs

"I'd rather click on my desktop than play ghosts" - mo

 neg: i did it for you

Get the fuck back to work you waste of a possible male - Cell

Muso: Why are you broke jake?
[13:53:27] Jake: umm
[13:53:31] Jake: a) i get no hours
[13:53:35] Jake: b) i buy steak
[13:53:37] Jake: every day
[13:54:20] Jake: + internet porn addiction
[13:54:48] Jake: i have a very rare and specific addiction to paid porn

Xboct platform mod (Lucas) : To be honest I don't even know who Nelson Mandela is.
Anyway, Rest In Peace.

[10:17:56] Lachlan Geron: You have been placed into the low priority pool as you among one of the most highly reported players in the DOTA community.

Birdman : It's a numbers game quantity over quality

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