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Name: ALL-IN
Age/Gender: 23, Male
Location: New Zealand, NSW
Registered: 15/4/11
Rank: Member
Online Status: Offline
Last Online: 7 hours, 53 min ago
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12:40pm 14/7/17 Changed username, previously: StNGRAYZ!
8:20pm 12/5/17 Joined Cortex eSports, a PC: Counter-Strike Global Offensive team, rank of Captain.
3:02pm 26/7/15 Joined Cortex eSports, a PC: Dirty Bomb team, rank of Captain.
12:42am 13/5/15 Changed main PSN ID, previously: healbot87
5:35pm 17/3/15 StingRayz_ manually changed users STEAM ID to STEAM_0:1:36162464
5:07pm 17/2/14 Changed username, previously: #STINGRAYZ
9:26pm 18/12/13 Joined Cortex eSports: Halcuro hosting, a PC: Call Of Duty: MW2 team, rank of Captain.
1:00pm 17/12/13 Joined Cortex eSports: Deadly, a PC: Call Of Duty: MW2 team, rank of Captain.
12:44am 30/10/13 Joined cortex e-Sports, a PC: Call of Duty: Ghosts team, rank of Captain.
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Fun Facts
High School: Casimir catholic college, Tempe high
Hobbies: Eating
Fav Drink: not ciders
Fav Alchoholic Beverage: not ciders
Fav Band / Group: GANT
Website URL:
Twitch TV URL:

Had no PC from 2014 - end of 2015. Lost internet end of 2015 and now play on 3G Internet


Online Achievements
*2nd Cybergamer Invite [Online] Modern Warfare 2
*2nd Cybergamer Invite [Online] Modern Warfare 3
*3rd/4th Cybergamer Amateur Season 6 [Online] Counter-Strike:GO. Cortex e-Sports
*1st State Of Origin MW3 Champions #Allstars (NZ/SA)
*Cybergamer Invite [Online] MVP MW3 (get mad)
*Cybergamer Amateur [Online] BlackOps
*Cybergamer Amateur [Online] Call Of Duty 4
Lan Achievements
*3rd 2015 CSGO MAQLAN. Team: StingRayz-SpitRoast-AlexTheKing-Matty-Twerk
*3rd/4th 2015 Battle for Sydney. Qualifier #1 Team: StingRayz-TurkishWarrior-Cyx-Prohits-Nomz
*3rd-4th 2015 Battle for Sydney. Qualifier #2 Team: StingRayz-TurkishWarrior-Cyx-Prohits-Nomz
*3rd-4th 2015 Battle for Sydney. Qualifier #3 Team: StingRayz-TurkishWarrior-Cyx-Prohits-Nomz
*2nd FIFA SGL6

Player Awards
*All-Star SoO team (winners) - State Of Origin Team:
*State of Origin Line-Up []
*Most Valuable Player CyberGamer CGi League - Season 4 AWARDS []
*All-star Dream team Lineup - Season 3
*Runner up Best SMG Player CGi - Season 3
*Best SMG Player CGi - Season 4
*All-Star Dream Team Lineup - Season 4

Previous Teams:
* Cortex eSports
* Adept Gaming
* Carnage eSports
* Tridon eSports
* Venum Gaming

Most Hated Players:

Hate with a passion. Dont know why he is CGi mw3 and how he can play sin city. Gets high before every CG scrim and dosnt invite me. Selfish person

Wants to be core, but only does good in pub. I hate him because he lives in Blacktown. The taste of asia. And thinks he is cool with his dinosaurs

Not only do i hate him because he is better looking then everyone, but he also has a bigger left shoulder then everyone. Has crazy Deagle shots and I am jealous because our mum likes him better then dimsim with cat.

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Date Achievement
2/2/18 Win 3 tournaments.
27/11/17 Lurker Extraordinaire
24/9/17 Created a public thread that received 25,000 Views
31/8/17 Received 10 trophies.
25/7/17 Stage Fright
24/7/17 Has purchased 6 months of CyberGamer Premium!
9/6/17 Place in 5 tournaments.
12/5/17 Totally Addicted
21/2/17 Played in 100 CG matches.
23/11/16 Win 10 PUGs.
18/10/16 Win 5 PUGs.
9/10/16 Win 100 PUGs.
9/10/16 Win 50 PUGs.
3/1/16 Received a trophy.
5/10/15 Profile viewed 10,000 times
25/7/15 Played in 50 CG matches.
22/4/15 Great marketing, boring content
17/4/15 I don't like change
4/6/14 Played in 25 CG matches.
26/2/14 Played in 10 CG matches.
23/11/13 Created a public thread that received 10,000 Views
19/10/13 Excellent Forum Poster PRO
26/8/13 1,000 forum posts!
6/8/13 Restraining Order
30/6/13 Viewed 1000 Profiles, final version
25/6/13 Friends with 100 other members.
14/6/13 Profile viewed by 1000 different users
11/9/12 Added 100 buddies!
11/9/12 Exalted User
28/8/12 In a team that was on a winning streak of 7
21/8/12 Competed in an invite standard competition
6/6/12 1337 Thread Viewer
14/5/12 Voted in 25 Polls
8/2/12 1337 Poster
31/1/12 Upgraded to a CyberGamer Premium Account!
17/1/12 In a team that was on a winning streak of 5
30/12/11 Tipped 55% correct after 250 tips
28/12/11 Created a public thread that received 1,000 Views
27/12/11 Profile viewed 1,000 times
20/12/11 Regular User
6/12/11 Mobile Viewer!
16/11/11 In a team that was on a winning streak of 3
28/9/11 Excellent Forum Poster
10/9/11 Tipped 70% correct after 100 tips
27/8/11 Profile viewed by 100 different users
27/8/11 20 matches won
26/8/11 Tipped 55% correct after 100 tips
26/8/11 Tipped 100 matches
23/8/11 First placed CGo Team!
22/8/11 Played PUG with PUG Admin.
19/8/11 Top 5 CGo Team
17/8/11 Viewed 100 Profiles
16/8/11 Top 10 CGo Team!
9/8/11 Addicted
11/7/11 5 matches won
10/7/11 In an active team
31/1/14 50 matches won
Experience History
Date Event XP
18/2/18Placed Tournament50
18/2/18Played Match - Top class players vs Divine G20
14/2/18Played Match - BYE vs Cortex eSports50
9/2/18Placed Tournament40
30/1/18Won Tournament210
28/1/18Played Match - Cortex e-sports vs ZOO WEE MAMA40
18/1/18Played Tournament5
17/1/18Played Match - SonsOfStingRayz vs fuk angry baby20
16/1/18Played Match - Cortex e-sports vs Positive Vibes40
26/11/17Played Match - Team Tribal vs Invaders20
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Forum moderator: [AU] Cortex eSports - Cortex eSports's Organisation Pu...
Forum moderator: [AU] Smile E-Sports - Smile E-Sports's Organisation Pu...
Forum moderator: [AU] dotMOBB - ALL-IN eSports's Organisation Pu...
Game Overview
Default Game: Call Of Duty: MW2
Default Platform: PC
CyberGamer Premium monthly final entry tickets: 6
Cortex eSports Team Member
AU PC Teams
pc csgo CS:GO Cortex eSports Captain
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Tournament Teams
Divine G
7:40pm 18/2/18
CSGO Sunday Night Tournament
8:03pm 8/2/18
CSGO Thursday Free Tournament
7:30pm 17/1/18
CSGO Wednesday - The Big One
Cortex e-sports
8:00pm 15/1/18
CGPL Autumn 2018 CGm Qualifier
Clutchys DAD
7:37pm 15/11/17
CSGO Wednesday - The Big One
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PUBG Teams
Recent PUGs
de_mirage - Saturday 9:57pm March 4th 2017
de_cache - Thursday 10:09pm March 2nd 2017
de_mirage - Monday 5:50pm February 27th 2017
de_cbble - Sunday 11:04pm February 26th 2017
de_cache - Sunday 4:21pm February 26th 2017
de_mirage - Friday 5:01pm February 17th 2017
de_overpass - Friday 3:02am February 17th 2017
de_cache - Monday 4:06pm February 13th 2017
de_mirage - Saturday 2:58am January 28th 2017
de_cache - Saturday 2:15am January 21st 2017
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Game IDs
STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:36162464
Full Steam Profile: CORTEX StingRayz (verified)
Full Steam ID76561198032590657
Call of Duty 4 GUID: b5251975
Black Ops GUID: 72324929
Call of Duty: MW3 GUID: 01100001044f9741
STEAM ID (from MW3 GUID): STEAM_0:1:36162464
(manually entered):
STEAM_0:1:36162464 (verified)
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PUG Info
Total PUGs: 236
Gamertag: Stingrayz -
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Black Ops GUID:
Call of Duty 4
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pc csgo Cortex eSports DBP eSports Time TBA
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CPU: [Other]
Monitor: 60hz [LCD]
Windows Sensitivity: Notch: 6
In Game Sensitivity: 3.5