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Name: Travis
Age/Gender: 22, Male
Location: Australia, Western Australia
Registered: 20/6/11
Rank: AU PS Platform Moderator
Rank Extra: Smallest Penis AU (seriously, It's tiny)
Online Status: Offline
Recent Activity
12:11am 8/11/17 Invited to join Inception, a PS4: Call of Duty WWII 5v5 SnD team.
6:11pm 28/2/17 Joined Dirty Habits, a PS4: Rainbow 6 | Siege team, rank of Captain.
12:21am 15/2/17 Joined Tilted Grinds, a PS4: Destiny team, rank of Captain.
6:45pm 29/8/16 Joined F7 Organisation, a PS3: PS3 AW 5v5 S&D team, rank of Captain.
5:10pm 28/8/16 Joined Inception., a PS4: BO3 5v5 S&D team, rank of Member.
11:58pm 5/11/15 CyberGamer Admin manually changed users STEAM ID to STEAM_1:0:38555219
5:02pm 14/10/15 Joined Sick wobz, a PS3: Black Ops 2: 5v5 ODC team, rank of Member.
3:23am 11/10/15 Joined ABSOLutely Not. ONIXceptable, a PC: Pokemon Showdown team, rank of Captain.
1:24pm 9/10/15 Joined Hydra, a PS4: AW 2v2 S&D team, rank of Captain.
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Username: Travalord
Rep Level: 80   (96% to next level)
Posts: 5,372
Threads: 128
Posts/Day: 2.2 Very Healthy Poster
Last Post: 7/9/17
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Fun Facts
High School: BCC
University: Curtin University of Technology Australia.
Degree(s) / Qualification(s): Grill Master
Occupation: Student
Workplace: Full time babe
Hobbies: Gaming, Graphic Design, Getting blackout drunk
Fav Food: Chips or Pizza
Fav Drink: Wouter
Fav Alchoholic Beverage: CC & Dry
Fav Actor: Samuel L Jackson
Fav Band / Group: Gentleman's Vibe, Blackbear, Macklemore (before he sold out)
Fav TV Show: FMA - pretty much any anime

PS Call of Duty Administrator
PS Platform Moderator
PS Head Content Team
PS Smallest Penis AU
PS Rainbow 6 Siege Admin

Xbox Coverage Team
PS Content Team
PS Call of Duty PUG Administrator
PS Rocket League Administrator
PC Rocket League Administrator

Watch_Dogs - 4/5
Destiny - 4/5
Far Cry 4 - 4.3/5
Dying Light - 4.3/5
Battlefield: Hardline - TBA

Black Ops 2 CGa season 1 winner - Neco
Black Ops 2 CGd season 3 winner - Auxiliary
Ghosts CGi season 1 runner up - Paraplegic Giraffes/Anorexic watermelons
Ghosts CGi season 2 runner up - Collateral
Ghosts CGa season 2 runner up - Veracity
Black Ops 3 CGa season 2 winner - F7
Black Ops 3 CGm season 3 3rd place - Inception

PCA 2016 Most Underrated Player - Equal 1st
PCA 2016 Best AR - 3rd place
PCA 2016 Most Overrated Player - Equal 3rd

Cutest bloke out xx

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6/12/16 Place in 30 tournaments.
6/12/16 Win 9 tournaments.
25/11/16 Received 50 trophies.
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Experience History
Date Event XP
25/11/17Played Match - HydraOCE vs Herni is the overlord20
18/6/17Played Match - sYn- vs Dirty Habits20
27/5/17Played Match - Force eSports vs Dirty Habits40
19/5/17Played Match - vvvvvvvvvvvv vs Dirty Habits40
14/5/17Played Match - Expanse vs Dirty Habits40
7/5/17Played Match - Dirty Habits vs Visualize eSports40
6/5/17Played Match - R6Power-Rangers vs Dirty Habits40
14/4/17Played Match - Dirty Habits vs Scrub Squad40
25/3/17Played Match - Kia Kaha vs Dirty Habits40
13/3/17Played Match - sYn- vs Dirty Habits40
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11/1/17 Placed 2nd-4th in free CG Tournament
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD : Tilted Grinds
24/12/16 Won a free CG tournament
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD : Derpy Dinosaurs
22/12/16 Runner up in a free CG tournament
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD Free: The Inglorious Bastards
19/12/16 Placed 2nd-4th in free CG Tournament
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD: Working class men
17/12/16 Runner up in a free CG tournament
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD : The Inglorious Bastards
14/12/16 Runner up in a free CG tournament
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD : Mariathon
11/12/16 Won a free CG tournament
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD : Mariathon
6/12/16 Placed 2nd-4th in free CG Tournament
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD : Mariathon
30/11/16 Won a free CG tournament
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD : The Inglorious Bastards
28/11/16 Won a free CG tournament
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD : The Inglorious Bastards
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User Roles/Permissions
AU PS Platform Moderator (includes 5 Permissions)
Forum moderator: [AU] Auxiliary. - Auxiliary.'s Organisation Public...
Forum moderator: [AU] Collateral.eSports. - Collateral eSports's Organisatio...
Forum moderator: [AU] unRivaled. - unrivaled.'s Organisation Public...
Game Overview
Default Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
Default Platform: PS4
CyberGamer Premium monthly final entry tickets: 6
Auxiliary. Team Member
Hydra eSports Manager
Primitive E Sports Team Member
unRivaled. Team Member
Inception. Team Member
Veracity Team Member
Collateral.eSports. Team Member
AU PS4 Teams
ps4 codwwii5v5 CODWWII5V5 Inception Invited
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Tournament Teams
7:07pm 31/1/17
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD $120
Working Class Men
7:00pm 30/1/17
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD
Working Class Men
7:00pm 27/1/17
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD
Tilted Grinds
5:30pm 11/1/17
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD
Derpy Dinosaurs
5:30pm 24/12/16
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD
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Tournament Teams (left/cancelled/removed from)
7:00pm 27/7/17
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD
Western Australia
10:00am 23/7/17
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD State of Origin
Dirty Habits
6:17pm 14/5/17
PS4: Rainbow 6 | Siege $120
Cancelled (insufficient teams)
7:00pm 23/1/17
COD MWR: 5v5 SnD
10:00pm 2/1/17
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD Free
Recent PUGs
Backlot - Tuesday 7:55pm December 20th 2016
Backlot - Tuesday 5:15pm December 20th 2016
Crash - Tuesday 3:33pm December 20th 2016
Strike - Monday 5:45pm December 19th 2016
Backlot - Monday 4:21pm December 19th 2016
Backlot - Saturday 8:17pm December 10th 2016
Crash - Friday 1:55am December 9th 2016
District - Friday 12:51am December 9th 2016
Crash - Thursday 5:45pm November 17th 2016
Backlot - Saturday 6:04pm November 12th 2016
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Game IDs
STEAM ID: STEAM_1:0:38555219
Full Steam Profile: 1234 Linked to User ID: 283102
Full Steam ID76561198037376166
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Player Points
AU: PS4 - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare11001
PUG Info
Total PUGs: 367
Is an XBOX/PS approved host
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PSN ID: Travaiord -
PSN ID 2: Travamuffin -
PSN ID 3: Travapuffin -
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PC Rig Information
CPU: [Intel]
Keyboard: vostro
Head Phones: Sony wireless Stero 7.1
Mousepad: N/A
Windows Sensitivity: Notch: 3
In Game Sensitivity: 4
Laptop: DELL
Mobile Phone: Samsung Galaxy SII
Camera: Canon
Vehicle: Holden Astra
TV: Hisense LCD LED 52 inch
TV #2: Samsung LCD
Mp3 Player: ipod