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Black Ops 1
1st - 1v1 Ladder
1st - CGo (Rival)
3rd - CGi P2P - $350 (Rival)
1st - CGi P2P 2013 - $1550 (white snakes)
Refer to page 5 for screenshots ^

2nd - CGo Grandfinal s2 (R!OT)

Black Ops 2
5th - s1 CGa (Rival)
3rd - Easter Competition (iNC)
1st - s2 CGp pool play Undefeated 7-0 (iNC)
1st - s2 CGp - $1570 (iNC)
3rd - s3 CGp - $??? (iNC)
2nd - 4v4 CGo Grandfinal (Forbidden)
2nd - 4v4 ODC #2 $100 (iNC)
1st - 4v4 ODC #3 $200 (iNC)

1st - s1 CGp - $1000 (auRa)

Then quit

Advanced Warfare
Returned s3 of AW
1st - 5v5 ODC (Rival)
1st - 5v5 ONC (Rival)
1st - 5v5 promod ODC (Rival)
1st - 5v5 ONC #2 (Rival)
1st - 3v3 ONC (Poo dicks au) Lol
1st - 5v5 ODC 2/8/15 (Rival)
3rd - 5v5 Doesplay League (Rival)
3rd - CGp S3 (Rival) (inactive lol)

Black Ops 3
2nd - 5v5 FFYI ODC (The Best)
Top 8 - CWL challenge division tier 2 event #1 $250 (Rival)
Top 8 - CWL challenge division tier 2 event #2 $250 (Rival)
Top 8 - CWL challenge division tier 2 event #3 $250 (Rival)
1st - CWL challenge division team points (Rival)
Qualified and attended CWL relegation LAN
Top 8 - CWL challenge division crown tier 1 event $750 (Oblivion)

4th - CGp s2 (Empyre eSports)
2nd - CGp s3 (R!OT Gaming)

1st - Christmas Competition 2016
1st - 5v5 Tourney 6/1/17 ($60)
1st - 5v5 Tourney 12/1/17 ($60)
1st - 5v5 Tourney 17/1/17 ($60)
1st - 5v5 Tourney 19/1/17 ($60)
1st - 5v5 Tourney 24/1/17 ($60)
1st - 5v5 Tourney 21/2/17 ($60)
1st - 5v5 Tourney 21/3/17 ($60)
1st - s1 CGi pool play undefeated 7-0 (Yoda)
2nd - s1 CGi $600 (Yoda)
1st - State of origin 23/7/17 $120 (Victoria)

Competed in 2013 all stars match (Scazons army)

#1 mixtape 2014 ''Cgp''

#1 Quickscoper on Black Ops 1
#1 Player on Black Ops 1
#1 Everything on Black Ops 1

#2 Player on Black ops 2 behind Damag33k

Quit smoking some point after black ops 2 (i think)
Started rageing^

[SPOILER=Teams]Black Ops 1:
CupCakes: Thug (Lazz), TheMana, Skick-Ronoc, Hussler, Memz, Cray, Dashey, Visionz

Rival v2: (p2p) Lazz, TheMana, Shadz, ab69r, nehrvous, Cray, Memz, Dashey

white snakes: (p2p #2) Lazz, Denz, Fallen, Submuffin, ml219, axed, wildstylez, shadz

Black ops 2:
Rival: Lazz, Tohnar, TheMana, Cdh, Slayronik, Memz, Cray, Virus, Spider

Inception s1: Lazz, JuicyCreative, Status, Rookieninjah, Reecez, Jiszmik

Forbidden 4s: Lazz, Leedz, Kunjoh, Status, Fighterfx

Inception s2: Lazz, JuicyCreative, Rookieninjah, Reecez, Mcd, Jiszmik

Inception 4s team 1: Lazz, Juicy, Tohnar, Tupacah

Inception 4s team 2: Lazz, Juicy, Tupacah, Expert

auRa: Lazz, Damag33k, Denz, Luke, Cosmik, Saysia

Advanced Warfare:
Rival: Lazz, JuicyCreative, Fadedimpactz, Vibezor, ab69r, Krim, Shadz

Black Ops 3:
Rival 4s: Lazz, Jake71, Koutz, Imboredyeah, ab69r, dundunvendetta

Empyre: Lazz, Wrathz, Scrubby, Fallen, Zedgey, Swiftazor

R!OT: Lazz, Dreamz, Status, BigCee, Jake71, Zaspian

[SPOILER=Setup]Old setup
Wireless Astro A40's 2012 edition.
Viewsonic 27'' Monitor.
Scuf controller.
PS3 slim.

New Setup
Astro A40 2015 edition
BenQ 24" Monitor
2nd PS4 scuf
DX Racer IF11 Series gaming chair

Main Highlights

[SPOILER=Inception vs auRa BO2 CGp Grandfinal][/SPOILER]

[SPOILER=white snakes vs auRa BO1 P2P Grandfinal][/SPOILER]

Other/Team Highlights

[SPOILER=Inception]inception vs auRa - BO2 CGp s2:

inception vs Xcessive Gamers - BO2 CGp s2:

inception vs Eroze - Bo2 CGp s2:

inception vs auRa - Bo2 CGp Finals s2:

inception vs Hysteria - Bo2 CGp s2 Finals:

inception vs Seraphic Nexus - Bo2 CGp s2 Finals:

inception vs Visualize - Bo2 CGp s3:

inception vs The Best - BO2 CGp s3 Finals:

Rival vs The Brotherhood - BO1 P2P #1:

Rival vs Chemistry - BO2 CGa s1:

Rival vs Neco - BO2 CGa s1:

Rival vs Kids In Chairs - BO2 CGa s1:

Rival vs Made Gaming - BO2 CGa s1:

Rival vs Victory - BO2 CGa s1:


auRa vs HYPE! - Ghosts CGp s1:

auRa vs Tainted Minds - Ghosts CGp s1:


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