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Started competitive gaming back in 2006 with PGR4, was apart of a professinal gaming team -, i then got addicted to COD3 and gave up the PRO scene of racing and got more into FPS games.
When COD4 came out i was over shooters, and went back to racing when Racedriver: GRID came out, i was then invited back to vVv-gaming when i was ranked #3 in the world for Trueskill rank, aswell as holding many World Record lap times.
I competed on for GRID and was ranked #1 until the ladder was shut down.
Once that happend i was basically over racing again, and COD5 just came out, i got really into COD5, which is when i found out about Cybergamer, so myself and a few others made a team, 'Most Wanted'.
I then joined The UNIT, now known as VoxE and won COD5 Season 3.
Had a break for MW2, then came back for Black ops, created Team Chemistry, we placed 3rd in season 1 CGm.
After the break-up for Chemistry, i joined Parallel gaming, we placed 1st in season 2 CGm.

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