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Vice Gaming - CS:GO
InJect* | Shrandy | Blaize | joL | Badger | Savage

AVANT-GARDE - Shootmania: Storm
InJect* | Shrandy | Slimpz | Blaize | rdZ

The Shovel Men - CoD4
InJect* | Blaize | Nev | Svante | Badger

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CGa Division 1 Season 8 round-robin ~ 1st Place (Provoke)
CGa Division 1 Season 8 ~ 3rd Place (Provoke)
Trident Cup #1 - Tier 2 Group B ~ 2nd place (Provoke)
SYF Cup #3 ~ equal 3rd Place (TRIDENT)
CGi Season 9 (TRIDENT)
CGm Season 10 ~ 1st Place (__int64 ranch)
Samsung ODC 1 ~ 3rd Place (AVANT-GARDE)
Samsung ODC 2 Grand Final ~ 2nd Place (AVANT-GARDE)
CGi Season 11 - 2nd Place (AVANT-GARDE)
CGi Season 12 - 3rd Place (The Shovel Men)
Snapback LAN - 2nd Place (The Shovel Men)
Wasted's Sunday Sesh - 1st Place (The Shovel Men)
Wasted's Sunday Sesh #2 - 2nd Place (The Shovel Men)
Wasted's Sunday Sesh #3 - 1st Place (The Shovel Men)

E-Sports World Cup Invite Paris - 31 October 2013 (ShootMania: AVANT-GARDE)
1st - CGi Season 1 (Shootmania: AVANT-GARDE)
1st - Nadeo Launch Cup - 21 April, 2013 (Shootmania: AVANT-GARDE)

ro16 Finals - CG CSGO Autumn ODC (CS:GO: int64)
Finals - CGa Season 3 (CS:GO: InVidious)
3rd - n-Gage ODC (CS:GO: InVidious)
ro16 Finals - CSGO Summer Slam (CS:GO: Vice Gaming)
2nd - VoxPlay Ghost Overflow Cup (CS:GO: Vice Gaming)

I didn't shit but i poo'd... I mean I farted. © Shrandon

steve-: what would you do if you got cum in your mouth?
AXN: Well...I would have to eat it then.

soz, mum just walked into my room with her tits out © Axeon

OHH I KNOW! Chicker Butten! © Svante

svante: don't you wish you could shove multiple avocados up your bum and then just churn out guacamole?

I have to go... Mum is sitting in my doorway and won't move until i go to bed. © TRAT

I was talkin to this guy I was real keen on © Badger

They must have really slippery soap, I never drop the soap. © Badger

steve-: i actually live for the pain i feel when i tear open my anus with a fat rock hard shit

my dream right
I had a dream that Rick Ross and snoop dogg were having beef
And I was staying the night at rick rosses house
With a bunch of people
And we were all in sleeping bags
And i started playing snoop doggs music really quietly
And rick ross was getting mad
And couldnt work out who was doing it
And id stop it
He would calm down
Then i started playing it again
"Nah nah nah nah its the motherfucking d o double g"
And he was just getting furious (c) Finn Malmberg

Me and Badge came twice last night © InJect*

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