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Maps for 2.3 3334 days ago
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nima_ LFC 3460 days ago
Team -xEviternal Recruiting For AA3 NOW! 3464 days ago
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[5v5] clutch. vs t2k On Mout (16-4) 3472 days ago
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T2K def IB. SF Extraction 3486 days ago
pt/t2k Vs. IB on Urban (15-4) 3494 days ago
[3v3]T2K Vs. Intel B on Dockside (12-0) 3498 days ago
T2K Vs. AUST on Hospital (7-9) 3505 days ago
{T2K} vs. [IB] on Bridge (10-2) 3510 days ago
{T2K} Scrim Members. 3523 days ago
1v1 comp? 3529 days ago
cG 2v2 3531 days ago
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