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Name: Jayden/God
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Location: France (Includes Monaco), Pussy, Rhone Alpes.
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Masturbaiton is a great act of enjoyment, I have done all sorts of drugs since i can remember, doesn't mind buying a pack of darts with nanna's pension money, smexi zexi is 2 g and i like porn. got banned for making truthful threads tbh, such a shame no one had courage to believe in the peak of my career )':

thought i woul add i'm a rand, sense 2012 cgo 4 lyf and i luv it, hit me up with a msg bruv

PS3: Ghosts tbh
Gun: remington or mtar
Role: eating, wanking and sleeping.
Headset: Astro A50's
TV: 32' Samsung.

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