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[PS3]Rupture BO2 S3 CGd -Playoffs
[PS3]Rupture Ghosts S1 CGa-1st ($750)
[PS4]Taunt Ghosts S2 CGi-3rd($200)
[PS4]Taunt Ghosts S3 CGi-1st(850)
[PS4] SOO Advance Warfare- 1st (NZ)
[PS4]Doesplay League 5v5 AW- 2nd ($450)
[PS4]Rupture Advance Warfare CGp-2nd ($850)
[PS3]Dynasty Ghosts S1 CGa-4th
[PS4]Synergy:Taunt Ghosts S2 CGi-Don't want to talk about it
[PS4}Neco Advance Warfare S1 - Don't want to talk about it
[PS4]SOO Advance Warfare-4th (NZ)
5v5 CGa player ladder- 4th
2nd Best Sniper PCA 15'

(Founder)- Rupture (2nd Most Underrated team PCA 14')
2nd Best 5v5 team PCA 15'

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Player highlights CGd~
Rupture vs Kings of Kings~
Rupture vs R!OT~
Rupture vs Rengade:Osmosis~
Rupture vs R!OT (playoffs) ~

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CGi Grand Final ~

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