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Name: None of your business
Age/Gender: 19, Male
Location: Australia, New South Wales
Registered: 15/5/13
Rank: PS4 Platform Admin
Rank Extra: Most Bias Admin AU
CyberGamer Premium Tag: The Peoples GIBMIN
Online Status: Offline
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1:35pm 12/2/18 Joined Old Men Of CG, a PS4: Call of Duty WWII 4v4 OBJ team, rank of Captain.
8:13pm 22/4/17 Joined Validate Purple, a PS4: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare team, rank of Captain.
1:42pm 16/12/16 Joined RHB, a PS4: BO3 5v5 S&D team, rank of Captain.
4:26pm 7/2/16 Joined test, a PS4: BO3 4v4 Objective team, rank of Captain.
11:16am 18/10/15 Joined Washed Minds, a PS3: Black Ops 2: 5v5 ODC team, rank of Member.
10:37pm 10/10/15 Joined GIBERER, a PC: Pokemon Showdown team, rank of Captain.
11:54am 24/9/15 Joined Bias Brigade , a PS4: PS4: AW 5v5 S&D team, rank of Captain.
9:37pm 17/7/15 Joined The Money Team, a PS4: Rocket League team, rank of Member.
9:16pm 17/7/15 Joined The Money Team, a PS4: Rocket League ONC team, rank of Member.
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Username: GIBERER
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Hobbies: Motorsport, Rugby League, Gaming
Fav Food: chocolate
Fav Drink: Cordial of course
Fav Alchoholic Beverage: Stellas <3


AU PS CoD Referee 21/06/2014
1st game 22/06/2014

AU PS Content Team 13/6/2015
- Dropped AU PS Content Team 13/9/2015
- Joined AU PS Content Team 13/9/2015
- Dropped AU PS Content Team 13/9/2015
- Joined AU PS Content Team
- Head AU Media Team

Hold the record for shortest time in Content Team at 2 hours

AU PS Rocket League Admin 17/7/2015
AU PC Rocket League Admin

AU Rocket League Admin
- One of the first Cross Platform game Admins.

AU PS Platform Moderator 5/8/2015

AU PS CoD Admin 26/8/2015

AU PS Platform Admin 20/07/2017

Big things to come. Time to have a huge year for CG.

Why have I been here for 3 years? Fuck I have no life.

#1 BO2 2v2 team: Lagsters
<3 Jaacko

#2 AW 5v5 CGo team: Bias Brigade (/matters)

Was the fastest rising staff member before Herni come along.

Me & Mxracles are the staffing duo. *were* still forever bae <3

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28/5/17 Competed in an invite standard competition
6/2/17 Great marketing, boring content
18/12/16 Place in 5 tournaments.
11/12/16 Received 10 trophies.
24/11/16 Upgraded to a CyberGamer Premium Account!
25/8/16 1,000 forum posts!
14/8/16 Added 100 buddies!
30/11/15 Voted in 100 Polls
4/10/15 Played in 25 CG matches.
5/8/15 Received a trophy.
15/7/15 Restraining Order
16/10/14 Created a public thread that received 1,000 Views
4/10/14 Profile viewed 1,000 times
10/7/14 Totally Addicted to the absolute MAX
23/6/14 Voted in 25 Polls
9/6/14 Totally Addicted
9/6/14 First placed CGo Team!
1/6/14 Played in 10 CG matches.
31/5/14 In a team that was on a winning streak of 7
19/3/14 Top 5 CGo Team
14/3/14 Regular User
26/1/14 Viewed 100 Profiles
19/12/13 Addicted
19/12/13 Excellent Forum Poster PRO
13/12/13 Profile viewed by 100 different users
8/12/13 Excellent Forum Poster
3/12/13 In a team that was on a winning streak of 5
1/12/13 5 matches won
24/11/13 Top 10 CGo Team!
19/11/13 Exalted User
20/10/13 In a team that was on a winning streak of 3
30/9/13 Played PUG with PUG Admin.
23/9/13 In an active team
15/5/13 Mobile Viewer!
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Date Event XP
13/6/17Played Match - Validate Purple vs SpaceBound25
12/6/17Played Match - VelocityANZ vs Validate Purple25
29/5/17Played Match - Validate Purple vs Prosperity Gaming50
25/4/17Played Tournament12
21/12/16Placed Tournament60
20/12/16Played Pug - PS4: COD4 Remastered 5v5 PUG: #123,... (Backlot)10
18/12/16Played Tournament13
17/12/16Placed Tournament113
14/12/16Placed Tournament100
11/12/16Won Tournament175
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AU PS Call of Duty Administrator (includes 73 Permissions)
AU PS Head Content (includes 63 Permissions)
AU Head Console Tournament Admin (includes 10 Permissions)
PS3 Platform Admin
PS4 Platform Admin
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Default Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
Default Platform: PS4
Reffed Count: 7 (last match)
CyberGamer Premium monthly final entry tickets: 0
AU PS4 Teams
ps4 codwwii4v4 CODWWII4V4 Old Men Of CG Captain
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Tournament Teams
VaL Purple
7:07pm 24/4/17
COD IW: 4v4 OBJ $120
10:00pm 20/12/16
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD
The Inglorious Bastards
10:05pm 17/12/16
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD
The Inglorious Bastards
10:05pm 16/12/16
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD
10:00pm 13/12/16
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD
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Tournament Teams (left/cancelled/removed from)
Derpy Dinosaurs
5:30pm 24/12/16
COD MWR: 2v2 SnD
9:05am 28/3/16
CoD:BO3 - 1v1 Early S&D
Gains 4 Days
7:30pm 21/12/15
CoD:BO3 - 4v4 Objective
Dah boys
7:30pm 15/12/15
CoD:BO3 - 2v2 S&D
Cancelled (insufficient teams)
Bias Brigade
6:10pm 9/10/15
COD:AW - 4v4 Objective Premium
Recent PUGs
Backlot - Tuesday 7:55pm December 20th 2016
Ambush - Monday 8:12pm November 7th 2016
HP-Breakout - Monday 8:08pm November 7th 2016
HP-Breakout - Monday 7:59pm November 7th 2016
Standoff (Snipers Banned) - Friday 9:15pm October 16th 2015
Solar (Scopes Banned) - Wednesday 4:05pm June 24th 2015
Bio Lab (SB) - Sunday 1:11pm September 13th 2015
Greenband (SB) - Saturday 8:53pm September 12th 2015
Horizon (SB) - Saturday 1:36pm September 12th 2015
Horizon (SB) - Friday 11:02pm September 11th 2015
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AU: PS4 - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare16001
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Total PUGs: 25
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ps4 codwwii4v4 F7 Academy Old Men Of CG Time TBA
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CPU: [Intel]
Monitor: Soniq [LCD]
Head Phones: TB P11
Windows Sensitivity: Notch: 1