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Name: William
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Location: Australia, Sydney
Registered: May 24th 2009
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Esport Involvement


16th CyberGamer Megacomp 1 ( CLUELESS )
Thermaltake Professional Series 1 ( VISIONARY )
Cybergamer One Day Competition
MSI One Day Competition # 3rd Place ( INIT2WINIT )
Cybergamer 3v3 Aim Competition
Cyber Gamer Amateur Season # 2 ( Hawks )
Cyber Gamer Amateur (COOLBUS 6-1-0)-Top 8
Sublime mwave Invitational ( COOLBUS )
SOGC LAN 1st Place
Western Digital State of Origin LAN NSW

Organisation Involvement

CEO - Quadplay
General Manager - Quixotic
General Manager- Noxious
Co-Founder - Vortex
Director - Vanq Gaming
Executive Manager- Mousegazm

Past Teams

visionary - tekzn kotsoo orion meth constce nter cookiesrawr
i2w – orion hollywood eluzn ra!n zyphex
furox / parallel - kempy puppet storm1N orion ravis
hawks - Naykd orion raker fpot aks klink hinksy
coolbus - misa kai doki orion passion grove
purge gaming - orion trix jokes phen ethz daveske
dynasty - orion rayden kotsoo zerops girky

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