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High School: Camden High School
University: Wollongong uni
Occupation: Uni student
Hobbies: Gaming
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Am in an open relationship with Daniel 'Raddick' Knight.

[20:14] RaddicK: y do u not wanna hump me?
[20:17] RaddicK: ??
[20:17] RaddicK: why do u not wanna be my bf
[20:18] RaddicK: HELLo
[20:18] RaddicK: pls respond
[20:22] RaddicK: ur actualy so cute in ur kindergarten picture

[12:49] MF.SteelSeries RaddicK: But if someone cum past
[12:49] MF.SteelSeries RaddicK: I gota close instg
[12:49] BRK GUMBEH Mionix: lolol
[12:49] MF.SteelSeries RaddicK: Coz I'm in closet

[17:14] MiNDFREAK RaddicK / rzr: baby
[17:14] MiNDFREAK RaddicK / rzr: this is dedicated to u
[17:14] MiNDFREAK RaddicK / rzr:
[17:15] BRK GUMBEH mNx: LOL

[13:55] RaddicK: oi
[13:55] RaddicK: i was wanking last night
[13:55] RaddicK: and i was mid action
[13:55] QUADPLAY GUMBEH: cool
[13:55] RaddicK: and i thought of gumbeh naked
[13:55] RaddicK: and iw as liek
[13:55] RaddicK: AWAWWWHWHHW
[13:55] RaddicK: and i shooted
[13:55] RaddicK: like a 74u
[13:55] RaddicK: the rate of cum cuming out of my kok
[13:55] RaddicK: was amazing

[14:29] RaddicK: Hi
[14:29] RaddicK: can we have a sex
[14:29] RaddicK: ??

[14:29] RaddicK: i havnt cheated on you
[14:29] RaddicK: and i am horny
[14:29] RaddicK: xo

[19:11] RaddicK: no
[19:11] RaddicK: ur too hot
[19:11] RaddicK: i will g et erektion

[18:50] RaddicK: hot
[18:50] RaddicK: we can wank
[18:50] QUADPLAY GUMBEH: yter sure
[18:50] QUADPLAY GUMBEH: rofl
[18:51] RaddicK:
[18:51] RaddicK: i am so b lushing
[18:51] RaddicK: atm

[23:47] RaddicK: u have a huge cock
[23:48] QUADPLAY GUMBEH: yer i no 4cm is da bezt
[23:48] RaddicK: rhothot
[23:48] QUADPLAY GUMBEH: i sound queer
[23:48] QUADPLAY GUMBEH: fuk yer\

[12:49] RaddicK.LFC: I havea pndick
[12:49] RaddicK.LFC: pindick
[12:49] QUADPLAY GUMBEH: nice
[12:49] QUADPLAY GUMBEH: i have chobe
[12:49] RaddicK.LFC: Hot

[11:38] RaddicK: u make me asd
[11:38] RaddicK:
[11:38] RaddicK: u dont wanna spend time with me
[11:38] RaddicK: u dont even like me
[11:38] RaddicK: FUCK OFF
[11:38] QUADPLAY GUMBEH: i do becuz i wank
[11:38] RaddicK: U JUST IGNORE ME
[11:38] RaddicK: U FUCKIn

[21:11] RaddicK: hey im gay
[21:12] GUMBEH.SLUTME: nice
[21:12] GUMBEH.SLUTME: dude when i win cga
[21:12] GUMBEH.SLUTME: can we b frends agen?
[21:12] RaddicK: ye
[21:12] GUMBEH.SLUTME: kk i will do it 4 u

kk now for a hot song

I'm with my friends having a sleepover at mine,
Mum said lights off, but they're still on at half nine,
There's nothing gay 'bout doing nails and doing hair,
Nor nothing gay 'bout three boys playing truth or dare,
That's when my brush vibrated right between my legs,
T-t-to my surprise it was my phone instead,
Dru makes and interception,
Grabs my phone out my hand,
'Hello you've reached The Midnight Beast, you're ruining our plans! '

It's three over average girls calling three under average guys
"We're fucked up and we're ready to play
We wanna do things we'll regret the next day"
I wanna play cluedo with my bros
I wanna paint rainbows on my toes
I don't wanna hoe, I want a comforting look
When Noah kisses Allie in the notebook
(booty booty) It's just a booty call
(booty booty)even if your boo-tiful
(booty booty)It's just a booty call

Now my phones on silent, they still call on private number
I can't believe this desperation to disturb my slumber party
I'm in my dressing gowny while Ashley's making brownies
Dru is in the back room playing twister on his own,
We're wearing our jim-jams
We're playing the flute
We're showing our sizes, the fucking surprise is
that yours hasn't grown

And then I hear my!
It's three over average girls calling three under average guys
We're fucked up and we're ready to play
We wanna do things we'll regret the next day
Three overconfident, stereotypical, cheerleader types,
we're fucked up and
We wanna have fun
You can be the boys we'll regret when we're done
I wanna play Sleeping Lions
I'm busy defending Zion
There's no point in calling coz I'll never respond,
The boys and me are getting tits from Legally Blonde,
(booty booty)It's just a booty call
(booty booty)Even if your boo-tiful
(booty booty)It's just a booty call

I'm not a booty call, I'm just a normal boy
I want to stay at home and play with all my toys
We are three boys not looking for three girls,
My Ring-tone's like a missile bringing war to my world
Cheese-strings, Party Rings are my favourite things,
Marshmellows with hot choclate, bitch we're living like kings!
I wanna have cheese pepperoni
I wanna play My little Pony!
I don't wanna hoe, I want a chocolate fountain
Whilst we snuggle up to watch broke back mountain
(booty booty)It's just a booty call
(booty booty)Even if your boo-tiful
It's just a booty call
(booty booty)It's just a booty call
(booty booty)Even if your boo-tiful
It's just a booty call

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