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Name: Brandon
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1st: CGm CGPL Season 1 (Online) 2/9/2013

1st: Nadeo Launch Cup (Online) 21/4/2013
1st: CGi Season 1 (Online) 26/8/2013
Competed: ESWC - Paris (International Event) 31/10/2013

Top 8: Plantronics ACL Melbourne (LAN) 10/8/2013
Top 8: Oceanic Season 3 Championship (Online) 6/7/2013
4th: Cydus LAN tournament (LAN) 8/7/2012

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int64 squids LFM 986 days ago
VICE Gaming recruitment thread 1499 days ago
Ladder live on Tuesday 1852 days ago
Hard Wang game development 1879 days ago
Open beta delayed 1889 days ago
Ladder updates 1959 days ago
Season 2 has gone live 1968 days ago
Account wipe is happening soon 1973 days ago
How to prepare for open beta/release 1979 days ago
CG Season 1 1981 days ago
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