All Matches (23)
Ex-Skyfire vs OrgPickUsUp Thursday 8:00pm April 4th 2019
OrgPickUsUp vs Oracle Empyre Thursday 8:30pm March 28th 2019
OrgPickUsUp vs Miscreant Gaming Wednesday 9:00pm March 20th 2019
ducc vs OrgPickUsUp Thursday 8:00pm March 14th 2019
OrgPickUsUp vs OrgSeekers Sunday 8:30pm March 10th 2019
OrgPickUsUp vs dirty muggie and the boys Sunday 8:00pm March 3rd 2019
DSC vs OrgPickUsUp Thursday 8:00pm February 21st 2019
Halfdemic vs LFORG Wednesday 10:04pm February 20th 2019
Halfdemic vs RIRIRIRIR Wednesday 9:24pm February 20th 2019
Venture Dusk vs Halfdemic Wednesday 9:07pm February 20th 2019
ex-caladrius vs OrgPickUsUp Sunday 8:30pm February 17th 2019
Team X vs Pandemic Sunday 8:00pm February 10th 2019
Pandemic vs Caladrius Friday 7:58pm February 8th 2019
Pandemic vs Team Tribal Sunday 8:30pm February 3rd 2019
Pandemic vs forever Mediocre Wednesday 8:30pm January 30th 2019
DookmanDuck vs ExTENTOES Wednesday 9:18pm June 13th 2018
DookmanDuck vs TEAM TBA - 2 Wednesday 8:31pm June 13th 2018
Who are you vs Twice Fans Friday 9:14pm May 25th 2018
lowcgo vs daddtuts Tuesday 8:32pm April 24th 2018
xaxaxa vs The Bois Monday 8:30pm April 16th 2018
The Bois vs Lone Rangers Blue Monday 7:40pm April 16th 2018
Chosen eSports Australia vs Ocular esports Tuesday 7:33pm April 3rd 2018
TheBois vs Meme and a dream Friday 8:36pm March 30th 2018