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Started out playing games in Year 8 and moved on to competitive in 08 with the Call of Duty series. Created my CG account in 09 and have been playing COD4 competitively ever since.

Started off playing with the same bunch of guys in different teams starting of with:

Soldiers of Freedom (SoF.|) CGo
Elixir CGa
SYF: Gaming Saevio CGa

Then quit for a while to focus on school but now I'm back and have played with many other teams such as:

Quintik (CGa and CGm Winners)
Noxious Gaming/ v5 (CGi)
Hexabyte (CGa)

Now looking for a team.

I'm a friendly guy and always up for a chat, unlike most of the trolls on this site. If you need help with anything then let me know cause I work in IT so I understand a lot about technology.

On the topic of Honeyz:
<16:33:24> "MARK": hes voice is higher then my fkn 6yr old cousin
<16:33:26> "MARK": who
<16:33:27> "MARK": is
<16:33:27> "MARK": a
<16:33:29> "MARK": girl
<16:33:35> "MARK": WOWOWOW

musab: scrim
Quintik Frith: No.
musab: well cunt
musab: fix ur fucking status or ill shit in ur mouth
Quintik Frith: I did?
Quintik Frith: And you asked again|
musab: you asked again
musab: i didnt
Quintik Frith: Worst troll ever.
musab: funny that u still say troll
musab: die in an oil fire u worthless piece of shit?
Quintik Frith: Are you autistic?
musab: assburgers
Quintik Frith: It's okay friend I will still love you when others won't.
musab: appreciated

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