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Name: josh
Age/Gender: 26, Male
Location: Australia, Victoria
Registered: 31/12/09
Rank: Member
Online Status: Offline
Last Online: 30/8/17
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9:53pm 12/10/14 Changed main gamertag, previously: MORSM8
3:56pm 26/1/14 Joined Mors#1234, a PC: Hearthstone team, rank of Captain.
2:22pm 17/1/14 Joined Breakdown Gaming, a PC: Black Ops team, rank of Member.
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5:29pm 15/11/12 Joined DoubleStar, a PC: Trident Cup team, rank of Captain.
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Username: Mors
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Fun Facts
Occupation: Yr 12
Hobbies: Owning in cod and css
Fav Food: Noobs
Fav Drink: RedBull
Fav Alchoholic Beverage: Stella Artouise
Fav Actor: Kripsone
Fav TV Show: Prison Break

Competitive Gaming Since 1st Jan 2010

-Team Pro`ficent 1st Cgo
-Fusion esports 1st Cgo
-zenith cgm
-Exile5 cga
-mbw cgm
-fatality 7 cgm

-Inc (Incoporated gaming)-1st
-FusioN Esports Rank #2

Black Ops
-Fusion Esports
-Qlimax Crew Gesc Finalist
-Exile 5

-Picked For Victoria State of Origin
-1st Cgo Mw2 team
- 1st Place - OMFG LAN 1 '10 ( void`) Undefeated
- CG MW2 Winter Cup, FusioN# 1st Group Stage(14 teams), 3rd Place Finals (Fusion eSports)
- 1st Place CG MW2 State Of Origin, |VIC| (Team Victoria)
- MLE MW2 2v2 CTF ODC 1, 4th Place Out Of 17 Teams, [P] (Pressure Gaming)
- 1st Place - La`Nugget #4 '10 ( FusioN eSports )
- 2nd Respawn V18 - zenith Gaming
- 3rd Respawn V19 Parralel(due to CVn Mark)
-1st Place Team immunity Bops 3v3 Comp ( Team Mors )
-1st Place Gigabyte/Team Immunity FFA Championship 2011
-Blacks ops FFA interview
- Finalist GESC Black Ops Qlimax Crew
- 2nd Respawn V21 - syf
- Must be Wheat Cgm placement draft comp
-2nd Respawn v22
- 3rd SGL 3 (snapback)
-1st Respawnv23 MiNDFEAK

-Completed Diablo 3 inferno 2/6/12

Idiot Section:

FusioN# MORS: hi how you going mate
noVa woηder: arnt you that cheating idiot
FusioN# MORS: no
FusioN# MORS: i dont cheat
noVa woηder: you're blatant
FusioN# MORS: u 4 real/
noVa woηder: randoms wallbangs and shit prefire when im making no noise
noVa woηder: yes
noVa woηder: im for real
FusioN# MORS: called skill and judgement
noVa woηder: your a skillless random
noVa woηder: you cheat

Brownie Applying For Pressure Gaming in Game Areana:

6:45 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: what guns do you prefer to use?
6:46 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: it really doent worrie me
6:46 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: well we are looking for lmgers,p90s,acog skorpians do you see yourself in one of these roles?
6:46 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: yeah i can ues any one of thoes
6:47 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: atm in all games i have been using close range wepons becaus i got a new mouse and ramped up the sens
6:48 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: so have had fairly crappy aim
6:48 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: ok i need a quick situation test if someone runs around the corner do u a) prone hipfire b)bunnyhop spray c)knife
6:49 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: c if they are close enough
6:49 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: but i spose that depens if its hc or normal as well
6:49 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: have you ever played pam4 before?
6:49 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: no whats that?
6:50 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: thats the mod for ga
6:50 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: do they change much in it
6:50 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: like as much as in pro mod
6:51 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: odear
6:51 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: its a better version of normal cod4
6:51 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: i have never really been into mods so i dont know them
6:51 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: like less gay shit
6:51 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: no tubes ect?
6:52 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: well man we are looking for experience so im sorry but going to have to decline
6:52 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: ok fair enough
6:52 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: yeah ive also we have just been informed we picked up mors
6:53 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: lol
6:53 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: u want him on ur team?
6:53 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: i heard he can frag
6:53 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: is this true? never seen him before
6:53 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: yeah hes without a doubt the biggest dickhead in competive gamming that i have seen
6:53 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: and there is a lot on cg
6:54 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: is he a good player ?
6:54 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: yeah
6:54 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: hes up there with everyone at that league
6:54 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: anyways thanks for your time im going to play need for speed to prac aim
6:55 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: need for speed ?
6:55 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: isnt that racing?
6:55 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: i aim the car like i use a ak
6:55 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: you should try it
6:55 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: does work
6:55 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: lol when i play nfs i dont even use the mouse
6:56 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: i need to click the NoS button br0
6:56 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: and yeah i have been playing bfbc2 all day sniping lol
6:56 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: thats so fun
6:56 PM - ^5Clarity`^7Cu^5zz^7y: ok im out ciao
6:56 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: amazing sniper shots
6:56 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: yeah cya
6:57 PM - ^0Cobra^3*^0Brownie.^1MS: imo u could get someon


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