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jokes on him, i am a virgin © kropt

zen: hang on i'm going to the police store

iyen: keep going and see what happens

Iyen: what did he say?
ZEN: cramps
Iyen: What does that mean?

easiest scam of my life
1:30 AM - IYEN: there u go
1:30 AM - IYEN: overpayed 2-3 dollars
1:31 AM - IYEN: oops i dnit put ur glock in there
1:31 AM - IYEN: dont accpt if u dont want it
1:31 AM - ?wakeupcrowncasino?: cheers bro
1:31 AM - IYEN: -_-
1:32 AM - IYEN: u actually took it
1:32 AM - IYEN: and dont give me the thing?
1:34 AM - IYEN: raaaaaaymooooond
1:34 AM - IYEN: i need 2 go 2 bed can u hurry plz
1:35 AM - IYEN: STOP FUking
1:35 AM - IYEN: annoying me
1:37 AM - IYEN: i see how it is

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