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Name: Nicole
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Main Games (over the years) :

Doom :P
Diablo I + II
Guild Wars
CounterStrike: Source
America's Army
Call of Duty 4
Black Ops
Heroes of Newerth
Guild Wars 2
Diablo 3


- SGL6 ~ January 2012
7th in CoD4 Amateur Competition
Must Be Wheat Team 2

NickyDee, Roundyz, 3 rands

- ESGN Sydney ~ March 2012
4th in CoD4 Competition
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NickyDee, Roundyz, Heartz, Warpain, B0b

- Nvidia + Gigabyte Melbourne Open Tournament ~ April 2012
8th in CoD4 Competition
Girls Gone Wild

NickyDee, Jenny, Bella, Missy, Dash

- RF LAN 41~ October 2012
2nd in CoD4 Competition

NickyDee, Mark, Seth, Missy, Toxic, Dealy

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