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20/6/2010 - 2014

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Team Supremacy
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Team Supremacy

3rd RESPAWN #21 - TiTAN
3rd RESPAWN #22 - teamREFIANCE

2nd CGi Season 8 - AVANT-GARDE (booked endless, you faggots)
3rd Fiend's LAN - AVANT-GARDE
5th Gigabyte Open LAN (NVIDIA LAN) - =EMK=
2nd Fragsession #2 - impaCt!
1st Fragsession #1 - Para| |el
3rd ACG Cup #1 - Rara-Avis
4th MSi Sunday Mayhem - QUADPLAY
Several State of Origin (Victoria) appearances in MW2/Black Ops/MW3


chosen (Team GRAVITEX)

Fistful Of Silence - by undeadz

DEAD BATTERY - by samuel

Frag Highlight by jammi3xx

dardar COTW - by crank

TOUCH - by dardar

CRANK IT UP - by kevin

Take a look around - by undeadz

You can see random frags and stuff on my youtube channel, dardar, au

Meddler on working at McDonalds:
[00:50] cvera######: the boss is giving me a firm talking to
[00:50] cvera######: right
[00:50] cvera######: and shes like do you like working here
[00:50] cvera######: and im like
[00:50] cvera######: im lovin it
[00:50] cvera######: her face when
[00:50] cvera######: soooooooooo g000d

Dale: If I was on the demo review team, I'd so ban me

Dale: If I had a girlfriend I'd blow her off for runescape too

Markoz: My dad fought in the Yugoslav wars, he got a +10 noscope and then became a prisoner of war for 9 months"

[00:59] AVANT.PALIT L: when i gym
[00:59] AVANT.PALIT L: i dont listen to music
[00:59] AVANT.PALIT L: i listen to like avicii and shit
[00:59] AVANT.PALIT L: zyzz playlists
[00:59] AVANT.EIZO dardar: LOL

KZL: effy's tits!
KZL: fuck
KZL: shiii
KZL: they are amazing ^.^
KZL: i just want to squeeze them

[19:21] AXN LFT: do you think im alright?
[19:22] AXN LFT: fuck man i've gotten so much fucking worse....
[19:22] GTEX mark0z: i dunno lmao lol
[19:22] GTEX mark0z: never really vsed u in cg
[19:23] GTEX mark0z: i dunno
[19:23] AXN LFT: i userd to be
[19:23] AXN LFT: fucking amazing

....Axeon continued....

[20:06] AXN LFT: just struggling atm man
[20:06] AXN LFT: used to be like
[20:06] AXN LFT: a huge upcoming player
[20:06] AXN LFT: taken note of by top tier teams
[20:06] AXN LFT: now it's just gone the other way
[20:06] AXN LFT: feel slow
[20:06] AXN LFT: feel dumb

chosen w00f: tristan barkers dick is fukcing huge
chosen w00f: he posted
chosen w00f: a pic of his dick on twitter
chosen w00f: its like
chosen w00f: 9-10 inches long
AVANT dardar GAMECOM: uhh

[11:43] teKS: im better then you anyday
[11:44] teKS: you probably "were" better then me
[11:44] teKS: but i shit on you now

[19:20] fatality7 reLOADED: facebook down?

[19:45] OMEN CGPL Staff: I was talking with moonunit
[19:45] OMEN CGPL Staff: and was interested in the spot u have free
[19:45] OMEN CGPL Staff: not forget our BS between us
[19:46] OMEN CGPL Staff: I just want to play with a team that is active and is commented to wining
[19:47] GTEX freshnelsoN /mlp/: nah
[19:47] GTEX freshnelsoN /mlp/: i just don't think it will work
[19:47] GTEX freshnelsoN /mlp/: plus we're surplus for smgs
[19:47] OMEN CGPL Staff: i can ak and scope
[19:48] GTEX freshnelsoN /mlp/: so can I
[19:48] GTEX freshnelsoN /mlp/: but we're looking for a higher tier, proven scop
[19:48] GTEX freshnelsoN /mlp/: e
[19:49] OMEN CGPL Staff: so your not going to hold up to what you said in your post on CG
[19:49] OMEN CGPL Staff: interesting
[19:50] GTEX freshnelsoN /mlp/: im just trying to be nice
[19:50] GTEX freshnelsoN /mlp/: truth is
[19:50] GTEX freshnelsoN /mlp/: i don't think you're good enough
[19:50] GTEX freshnelsoN /mlp/: and I don't like you
[19:50] GTEX freshnelsoN /mlp/: you wouldn't fit in with anybody in the team at all either
[19:50] GTEX freshnelsoN /mlp/: sorry
[19:50] OMEN CGPL Staff: im the same with you but i have won more things then you
[19:51] OMEN CGPL Staff: so go figure
[19:51] OMEN CGPL Staff: still the same old little fuck head that still has no clue

[12:21] EVO kedz # Sparklesprod: my farts smell like dead people

[02:30] undeadz #SparklesProd: [13:30] undeadz #SparklesProd: http://prntscr.com/22yroe
[13:30] undeadz #SparklesProd: SUP M8
[13:30] undeadz #SparklesProd: HOP IN MA INVISIBLE CAR
[13:30] undeadz #SparklesProd: LETS RIDE BIATCH

The iMeZz section:

[12:24] SPR.ozone iMeZz: I have tonnes of strats, just nobody ever listens to them

[15:25] SPR.ozone iMeZz: Has anybody ever gone to officeworks to buy blank books for strats?

[04:25] SPR.ozone iMeZz: If there was 5 of me on the team, we would never lose a game

[21:25] SPR.ozone iMeZz: My new apartment should be arriving soon

[15:25] SPR.ozone iMeZz: Having a shipping container as an apartment isn't weird

iMeZz: I'm not just going to jump up there...

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