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Name: mason
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Location: Australia, GC
Registered: July 27th 2010
Rank: Member
Status: Online Today
Posts: 524
8 years, 210 days
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Previous Teams: Call of duty

Team vintage 3rd CGo
Satisfaction 7th CGo
Fed Up 22 CGa
No Respect 15th CGa
Temptation 5th CGa
YTB (1st Cod 4 GameBattles, finals winner two season in a row AU)

Previous Teams: Counter Strike Global Offensive
Platform Zero eSports (CGa) Current*
Team RedBack (CGa)
Devotion eSports




Turtle Beach X31's

PC: RIG 500 (Headset)
PC: Mouse: Razer deathadder elite
PC: Monitor MG248QR ASUS 144hz

8th-12th Instafrag Open League Finals Season 1. (PZE)
CG Silver Summer off-season finals. (PZE)
7th CGo black ops
15th CGa black ops
CGo 3rd 5V5 MW3
CGo 7th 4v4 MW3
CGa 5th 5v5 MW3
1st 2v2 Cod 4 (RM) Game battles finals winners 2 season in a row au


10,000 views thread
Top 10 Bronze Team!
Season finalist
100 forum posts
1,000 forum posts
Winning streak of 3
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Meme Team vs Skank Rebellion Friday 7:00pm
Defiant Esports vs Meme Team Sunday 7:30pm
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