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High School: Mt clear secondary
University: Ballarat university
Occupation: Powertool Specialist
Hobbies: Basketball / eSports
Fav Food: Kentucky fried fckyou
Fav Drink: Samedi / rockstar: cola
Fav Alchoholic Beverage: Caronas
Fav Actor: Will smith
Fav Band / Group: Rise Against
Fav TV Show: NCIS, Family guy, Supernatural and House

[22:08] MF.SteelSeries CDG_denied: scrim
[22:09] wn$ v2.KIRBY: i miss the old mindfreak team, should reform under a different name
[22:09] wn$ v2.KIRBY: you guys were great to watch
[22:09] MF.SteelSeries CDG_denied: yes, ok. But i want a scrim.
[22:09] MF.SteelSeries CDG_denied: that was the initial question
[22:10] MF.SteelSeries CDG_denied: ( iagree2yourstatement)
[22:10] wn$ v2.KIRBY: do you think durros really listens to destroid like serials said, i think its fluff
[22:11] MF.SteelSeries CDG_denied: SCRIM
[22:12] wn$ v2.KIRBY: i suppose he probably does, i enjoy trance / techno myself
[22:12] MF.SteelSeries CDG_denied: ok. you've made me laught
[22:12] wn$ v2.KIRBY: what was the initial question again
[22:12] MF.SteelSeries CDG_denied: durros is a shitcunt
[22:12] MF.SteelSeries CDG_denied: scrim pls
[22:12] MF.SteelSeries CDG_denied: ahaa
[22:13] wn$ v2.KIRBY: dont have 5 soz
[22:13] MF.SteelSeries CDG_denied: no worries champ
[22:13] MF.SteelSeries CDG_denied: ill engage in another conversation some day soon i can assure u
[22:13] wn$ v2.KIRBY: :3

[23:23] OMEN [SYF.TV] 144Hz: whats up ya dick
[23:23] v2.kirby<3: lol
[23:23] v2.kirby<3: sorry for losing my temper
[23:23] OMEN [SYF.TV] 144Hz: how does it feel to be secondrate
[23:23] OMEN [SYF.TV] 144Hz: dont care
[23:23] OMEN [SYF.TV] 144Hz: clue up idiot
[23:23] v2.kirby<3: shouldnt have said what i did
[23:24] v2.kirby<3: i didnt mean to target your obesity
[23:24] v2.kirby<3: dont be ashamed of it
[23:24] v2.kirby<3: you will get passed it
[23:24] v2.kirby<3: thanks again
[23:24] OMEN [SYF.TV] 144Hz: lol funny you think im fat

Kirby LFT SLUT ME: just took a selfy with my top off, want it?
Kirby LFT SLUT ME: its not gay if you say yes
Kirby LFT SLUT ME: but its slighty arousing
Swiftzyzz: lol yes plz
Swiftzyzz: desktop this shit
Swiftzyzz: im already making a kirby collage of ur photos for my desktop
Swiftzyzz: this will be centre piece

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