CyberGamer Squads FPP S1

Matches will be played on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7pm-9:30pm AEDT. Your team is limited to playing in a total of 25 matches for the season. Your worst result is ignored (ie only your top 24 results are counted). Teams may have up to 2 subs.

The last day of regular matches for the season will be Thursday the 23rd of November. Finals will then be played on the 28th and 29th of November for the top 16 teams (64 players). The finals will be a best of 9 matches, with the same scoring structure as the regular season.

Read more information here and format/scoring.

Season and finals info.

Late regos have closed, no new teams can join. Roster lock is November 9th, after that any changes to your roster will require admin approval.

Queueing area
Check back on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for match/server information at around 7pm Sydney time.

216 unique players have competed in roughly 7.8 matches each in the last 7 days (1,692 total players).

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PUBG Streamers
Team Immunity (17th)
13 viewers
Tainted Minds (3rd)
7 viewers
grayhound gaming (2nd)
4 viewers
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Season Standings
The best individual result so far was Tainted Minds's 23 kills and 290 points in MATCH #47.
#   Team Name Points
1st CommDown
Projected final score of 3,775
2nd grayhound gaming
Projected final score of 3,770
3rd Tainted Minds
Projected final score of 3,520
4th H E N C H K I D S
Projected final score of 3,345
5th Vizard eSports
Projected final score of 4,015
6th Arcane
Projected final score of 3,515
7th Surge eSports
Projected final score of 2,810
8th Mindfreak
Projected final score of 4,200
9th XanXus
Projected final score of 2,750
10th Cervum Esports
Projected final score of 2,740
11th Comms And Co
Projected final score of 3,095
Projected final score of 2,660
13th SeaMonkeyGaming - Red
Projected final score of 2,955
14th Helix eSports
Projected final score of 2,625
15th Vanguard
Projected final score of 2,665
16th No Joke
Projected final score of 2,395
17th Team Immunity 2365
18th Abra Kadabra eSports 2310
19th Angry Smurfs 2285
20th Outlaws CYBER ATHLETES 2175
21st Military Kings 2115
22nd 30 40 2115
23rd 3 Anchors 1 Carry 1920
24th Level Four Gaming 1845
25th Benevolent E-Sports 1825
26th FREE eSports 1780
27th IM STUCK IN FPP 1700
28th Instinct Gaming 1665
29th Invictus eSports 1570
30th Aegis7 Alpha 1550
31st MONGALORDS 1475
32nd Wildfire Gaming 1470
33rd Player Armory Esports 1440
34th Eyeball Express 1385
35th Abra Kadabra 47 eSports 1245
36th Good Vibes 1160
37th Blue Meanies 1085
38th Team So Fresh 1055
39th Regal Freaks 990
40th The red army 955
41st money shot 945
42nd LNBD 940
43rd Deep Space Crocodiles 880
44th We Have Issues eSports 865
45th Serenity 845
46th Cougar Gaming 830
47th Fancy Boys 825
48th On The Run 805
49th eSports Ready 785
50th Mens Artistic Gymnastics 725
51st Extricity Black 690
52nd LostFishes 670
53rd Casual Gamers Club 650
54th Crusty Demons 640
55th DANK 610
56th LvL 3 Straps R335p0rt5 605
57th Goony Tunes 595
58th Aussie Underdogs 585
59th Vegethots 575
60th LUL IN THE CHAT 550
61st csgolounge 495
62nd WhoNeedsTeamwork 490
63rd Top Dogz 485
64th CHK Clan 465
65th Flipzun Pro 445
66th Business Bearz 445
67th Hommus 435
68th CCG Esports 425
69th Killzone Gaming 425
70th Snipe City Bish 425
71st Team PistonCUP 400
72nd Lemon Party 395
73rd RIFT 380
74th Squirtle Squad 335
75th Quick Maths 320
76th Precision Circumcision 315
77th 404 team not found 305
78th alt.f4 295
79th MagiK Gaming 290
80th Misfits 255
81st Deleted 200
82nd P4N - power4none 195
83rd How hard can you slav 170
84th MILF Hunters 165
85th RAKOZAN 155
86th Team Optic Blaze Lords 150
87th boonk gang 145
88th Mungo uppercut him 140
89th Deadly Anchors 130
90th eight8all 120
91st BOGS 120
92nd TheMuscle 115
93rd Team Prochinki 115
94th cheeseydibbles.exe 110
95th HEATZONE 105
96th Resurgence Gaming 105
97th Itchy Trigger Finger Niggaz 95
98th She Said She Was Level 18 95
99th Mohanas Bananas 95
100th likeapot and friends 80
101st Full Metal Panic 65
102nd Valency ESC 55
103rd exde 55
104th ascent 45
105th PHAT GANG 30
106th I Dont Know 30
107th No Bullshit Style Fighting 25
108th Taliban Turbans 25
109th TheNoobs 20
110th BittahProfessionals 20
111th what it do gents.. 5
112th SeaMonkeyGaming - Blue 5
113th The Last Reconnaissance 0
114th Cyanide 0
115th Polaris 0
116th EssSquad 0
117th Sloots 0
118th Extricity eSports 0
119th God Squad 0
121st The Longbois 0
122nd Chicken Nuggets 0
123rd redux 0
124th Cunning Stunts 0
125th Dominion Esports 0
126th PLEBS 0
127th Deep Space Crocodiles Staff 0
128th 1 percent crew 0
129th hydraGANG 0
130th Cervum CSGO 0
131st Fighting 4 Freedom 0
132nd Team FA 0
133rd Terror Squad 0
134th AlphaGamingAU 0
135th Winlaw is shit 0
136th Kachowskis 0
137th Down Under Gaming 0
138th BunchORands 0
139th Tranquil 0
140th Ultra Instinct Blue 0
141st iNfectious Gaming 0
142nd b1g dogs 0
143rd Vegan Apes 0
Deficit is calculated based on your projected final score compared to the highest ranked teams projected final score.
Incomplete Teams
Team NameRequirement
widepeekboySPUBG in-game name is only set on 2/4 players.
Team SmoothiePUBG in-game name is only set on 3/4 players.
Quikksilva and the BoysPUBG in-game name is only set on 1/4 players.
Whos our 4thPUBG in-game name is only set on 1/4 players.
Sunday Fundays xxPUBG in-game name is only set on 3/4 players.
10 Piece FeedPUBG in-game name is only set on 2/4 players.
KpowPUBG in-game name is only set on 2/4 players.
dix fly togetherPUBG in-game name is only set on 1/4 players.
ELIM GAMINGPUBG in-game name is only set on 1/4 players.
Liberty EsportsPUBG in-game name is only set on 2/4 players.
McEggedPUBG in-game name is only set on 1/4 players.
The Dream TeamPUBG in-game name is only set on 1/4 players.
Team AIRNeeds one more member
Vital TsunamiNeeds one more member
Got FedNeeds one more member
Host closed the connectionNeeds one more member
Chick MagnetsNeeds one more member
TribalNeeds one more member
The HarmonicasNeeds one more member
All-State GamingNeeds one more member
Paradox GamingNeeds one more member
Legion BlackNeeds one more member
Team MemeNeeds one more member