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Platform: PC
Tag: /rcon
Recruiting: No
Oct 18th 07
Matches Played: 31
#cybergamer on GameSurge
Points: 50
Core Changes: 5
Current Matches: 0
0 matches played in the last month.
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General Information
Name: The Last Reconnaissance
Members: 6
Locations: AU (4) NZ (1) US (1)
Registered: 18/10/07
Founder: Asterix
Online Status: 2 players (33%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Win/Loss History
Recent Activity
16th Mar Asterix joined the team
2nd Feb Challenged The Brotherhood to a match
26th Jun iNTER joined the team
6th Oct Lost to Unknown Team loss 0 win 2
2nd Oct Challenged Unknown Team to a match
1st Oct Defeated Unknown Team win 2 loss 1
17th Sep Challenged Unknown Team to a match
11th Sep Lost to .Sublime loss 10 win 14
5th Sep Accepted .Sublime's Challenge on mp_pk_harbor for 9pm 11th Sep
About Us
Once you're on the Island, you're never getting off.

The /rcon Operation Lorfcan COD1 MOVIE:

Asterix - often get's tied down by the 'game' itself and it's
flaws. His rego is never up to standard but he still manages to be a gifted player, especially with the scope. Pulls of bullshit nades and rages everyone. With the hours this nutter puts into teh gaming scene its no wonder he is such a piece of shit but still a great friend and great gamer.

sn@p - snappy suffers from tunnel vision @ times but is still able to frag quite consistently, he oftens fucks around with dienamic and causes the team to lose lots of rounds. His sister is an extreme babe and needs to be destroyed. He is @ home with the 44 but feels he is adept @ using the scope. He is a funny barstard, but has a really small willy.

tremz - 2 letters, MC. 2 words, Monster Cock. Also really good at cod.

homicidal - I would hate playing against this 16 year old menace as he plays (most of the time) on speed, he is seeking drug rehabilitation atm, but still cant resist popping some 'truckies juice' when its an important match. He is Asters little padawan and has been a loyale rconian and we have much love for this little tiger.

Geary aka Scorched_Earth - hailing from the depths of melbourne and under the much maline alias of Scorched_Earth, geary has been proning and holding down left mouse since day one. A really loyale , fat and stinky rconian. He always says brb and comes back 30 mintues later, goes for dinner in finals and generally never shows up. He may rock up and say, 'get a scrim, msn when u get 1'. We all think geary is a piece of shit. Regularily gets dropped from the team for not making vital wars and causing us to lose. Then gets re-added the following day out of pitty.

DevinTheDude aka dienamic - prbly has one of the worst true aliass in aus.cod but this doenst dee-tur the younng good looking boy from Adelaide. He has the brain and the knowledge in games of ToG|pedro de bandit, but is able to frag his way (rifle dominated) in most situations, i beleive ppl hate getting fragged by him because he is often so hot and cold. 'when ur hot ur hot, and when ur not, ur not' - Bill Lawry

Rcon - A group of friends from Adelaide and 1 pig from Melbourne.

Dick Sizes

Dienamic - trusty 7 inch, goes deep.

snappy - big 8 incher, chicks apparently 'feel it in tummy'

tremzor - nickname MC, length unconfirmed but has the
ability to put teen sluts MIA for several months. His motto is 'im quick to bust a mean nut in some teen slut, im clean cut, with more jewells then King Tut'

homi - Red 5 inch

aster - Red 5 inch

Geary - this poor wog goes hard with a 2.5 inch on the hard.

Team Members
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2 players (33%) have been online in the last 3 months.
AU Asterix (80ea512c) (The Frother)
AU iNTER (1e3a0e83)
Inactive account
NZ Linger (af096039)
Inactive account
AU ringwraith (8eb39586)
Email not verified
US sn@p! (9cd84d69)
Email not verified
AU wle (741c5104)
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Past Ladders & Leagues Results
Opponent W/L Map More
Tactical Killers
The Last Reconnaissance
Declined the Challenge
loss - View
The Brotherhood
The Last Reconnaissance
dropped from the ladder
loss 01 - View
Opponent W/L Map More
No name loss 02 Grand Final View
qlimaX Crew! win 21 Semi Final View
.Sublime loss mp_pk_harbor View
Deus Ex Machina win mp_pipeline View
eXile5 win 204 mp_ravens View
qlimaX Crew! win mp_backlot View
No name loss mp_strike View
overRated win 1312 mp_citystreets View
Archetype loss 1213 mp_crossfire View
Opponent W/L Map More
Frenetic Array Old win 168 mp_vacant View
Opponent W/L Map More
Frenetic Array Old loss 1014 mp_ravens View
Team Odyssey Old win mp_citystreets View
vitaL Old win mp_strike View
Bashing Services loss mp_backlot View
Cobra loss 1014 mp_crossfire View
Opponent W/L Map More
onslaught Old loss mp_vacant View
The Last Reconnaissance
dropped from the ladder
loss mp_strike View
Rogue 6 - Black Ops win 1410 mp_vacant View
Archetype loss mp_crash View
AEF Inc. - Devil's Brigade win mp_crash View
onslaught Old loss mp_strike View
TUB-Cromwell loss 024 mp_crash View
team-onsLaught` loss mp_strike View
High Caliber loss mp_crossfire View
No name
Match was disputed
loss mp_crash View
Opponent W/L Map More
gameplex ft. klutch members loss mp_crash View
High Caliber
Match was disputed
win mp_vacant View
MYTH gaming win mp_crash View
Opponent W/L Map More
sila. 00 mp_crash View
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