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Additional Information
Platform: PC
Competing in:
CS:GO Open Ladder: 18th
Tag: Heely
Recruiting: No
Feb 26th 16
Matches Played: 97
Points: 50
Core Changes: 5
Current Matches: 1
3 matches played in the last month.
1 Premium Member
General Information
Name: Heely Crew
Members: 12
Locations: AU (8) NZ (4)
Registered: 26/2/16
Founder: Xpl0sions
Online Status: 6 players (50%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Win/Loss History
Recent Activity
19th Jan Challenged Meme Speak CG to a match
18th Jan Defeated DeliriousNightSoldiers win 16 loss 4
12th Jan Accepted DeliriousNightSoldiers's Challenge on de_inferno for 7:30pm 18th Jan
11th Jan Lost to Through Smoke? loss 9 win 16
7th Jan Accepted Through Smoke?'s Challenge on de_overpass for 9pm 11th Jan
4th Jan Defeated Fuyu win 16 loss 5
3rd Jan Accepted Fuyu's Challenge on de_cbble for 8pm Thursday 4th Jan
2nd Jan Lost to Unknown Team loss 13 win 16
28th Dec Accepted Unknown Team's Challenge on de_mirage for 7:30pm 2nd Jan
About Us
We the heely crew and we coming to steely yo girls.
The sound of heely's the swish of trench coats, yo girl be gone.

Team Members
Site Flag Alias
6 players (50%) have been online in the last 3 months.
NZ -=Osama=- (STEAM_0:0:18688720) (verified)
Email not verified
AU Batman0806 (STEAM_0:1:28411170) (verified)
Inactive account
NZ elik (STEAM_0:0:9871536) (verified)
Email not verified
NZ Fr4ggY (STEAM_0:1:40759322) (verified)
AU Icemanone (STEAM_0:0:13403091) (verified)
Email not verified
AU Kalvashnikov (STEAM_0:0:8757850) (verified)
Email not verified
AU KeegzEx (STEAM_0:0:12425302) (verified)
Email not verified
NZ L B (STEAM_0:0:6574374) (verified)
Email not verified
AU lMacl (STEAM_0:1:73292897) (verified)
AU somebrownguy (STEAM_0:0:33625786) (verified)
AU T80M8 (STEAM_0:0:41244654) (verified)
Email not verified
AU 1 Xpl0sions (STEAM_0:1:73085473) (verified)
Past Ladders & Leagues Results
Opponent W/L Map More
DeliriousNightSoldiers win de_inferno View
Through Smoke? loss de_overpass View
Fuyu win de_cbble View
XtremeGaming loss de_mirage View
Opponent W/L Map More
Atlantis win 10 de_overpass View
Rapid.ESC win de_cbble View
Syk Gaming win de_mirage View
E-Sports CUCK Association loss 1719 de_mirage View
LFORG loss de_cache View
Tempered win 1614 de_nuke View
Team NewFire
Match was disputed
win de_cache View
Better Than Muffine loss 216 de_inferno View
iRival loss de_overpass View
ecks dee win 10 - View
Opponent W/L Map More
ConveyESC win de_train View
ascent loss 2325 de_inferno View
yeahdaboyz win de_inferno View
ecks dee loss 1216 de_cbble View
dead like bread win de_cbble View
Innervate eSports loss de_nuke View
ecks dee loss de_inferno View
Uprising View loss de_overpass View
Team Cuckold Fetish eSports G...
Match was disputed
win 10 de_cbble View
Static Gaming win 161 de_overpass View
Divided eSports win de_cache View
badchemistry win de_cache View
Tempered loss 716 de_nuke View
Atomicity loss de_cbble View
Team Cuckold Fetish eSports G... loss 916 de_cbble View
Invictus Australia win de_cbble View
ecks dee win de_overpass View
USED to be good win 10 de_overpass View
good boys win 163 de_nuke View
BIG BEN PIE loss de_overpass View
muntz win 10 - View
ez4sNatchyy win 10 - View
Opponent W/L Map More
Tsunami AU win de_overpass View
Pandem1c win 1611 de_overpass View
UnitX win de_mirage View
Vague 7 loss de_overpass View
BOOST CREW loss de_cache View
MatchMakers win de_overpass View
Match was disputed
win de_train View
Devious eSports loss de_cbble View
intoleranceGAMING win de_overpass View
Veni Vidi Vici loss de_cache View
Opponent W/L Map More
Collateral loss de_mirage View
da MOA's loss 516 de_cbble View
Ator eSports loss de_cache View
Derive loss de_cbble View
Helios MemeSports
Match was disputed
loss de_cache View
iRival loss de_overpass View
Oasis Oceania win de_cache View
Fighting 4 Freedom loss 1416 de_mirage View
Match was disputed
win de_overpass View
Disciples win 166 de_cache View
Ravens win 169 de_overpass View
TheBastardSquad win 1613 de_cache View
Dislekek Black loss 1519 de_mirage View
Vici Deus win 166 de_cache View
FrostStorm win de_train View
Team Innervate loss 716 de_cbble View
Kenny and Friends win de_cache View
KidPix win de_cache View
Pug5 loss de_cache View
Black Widow CS:GO win de_nuke View
Dislekek 1515 de_dust2 View
XEQUTE.esports win de_cache View
LGN: iNtrepid loss 116 de_mirage View
Kardashian eSports win de_cache View
AusKz loss de_mirage View
Counter Strike: Global Offens... loss 616 de_cache View
XEQUTE.esports win de_mirage View
It's Me Your Brother win 1612 de_cache View
nnndead loss de_mirage View
AGC loss de_cbble View
Helios eSports - White win 1614 de_cache View
Pyongyang Gangbang win de_mirage View
Meme Friends loss de_cbble View
MeWifesCardigan loss de_mirage View
Vivacious Vampz win de_mirage View
ShocK loss 916 de_cache View
Team Tilt win 10 de_mirage View
UnsaltedGaming loss 1416 de_cache View
SaltySealions win 165 de_mirage View
dead like bread
Heely Crew
didn't accept the match
loss - View
Uproar win 10 - View
Hostile eSports win 10 - View
Frag Up Nikki win 10 - View
Heely Crew
didn't accept the match
loss - View
Match was cancelled
- View
AusKz win 10 - View
Heely Crew
didn't accept the match
loss - View
dropped from the ladder
win 10 - View
Deltards win 10 - View
Match was declined by -_ShiFt_-
win 10 - View
Sweglords win 10 - View
Match was cancelled
00 - View
Teams that these players are also competing in
Heely Crew - Founded October 20th 2016PC - Counter-strike Global Offensive5/6
Heely Crew - Founded May 19th 2016PC - Overwatch4/10
FAP Platoon - Founded May 4th 2012PC - Battlefield 3 8v83/30
CG Verified Team Status 9/9
Requirement Status
Game is 4v4 or higherYES
Team/Organisation has existed for 6+ monthsYES
Team has played 3 matches in the last 3 months (ensures recent activity)YES
Team has played 5 matches between 4 and 12 months ago (ensures multiple seasons)YES
Mostly consistent player roster for 6 months (demonstrates stability)YES
Majority of players have been online in the last yearYES
Majority of players have verified CG accounts (Email/SteamID etc)YES
Players have no previous forum/site/match bansYES
Miscellaneous checksYES
[GOLD] Performance requirements metNO

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