HQ Elite

A Battlefield 4 team.

Historical Record! This team is historical, no modifications to it are allowed.
Team Overview
Name: HQ Elite
Members: 7
Locations: AU (5) GB (1) US (1)
Registered: 27/3/10
Founder: HQ M0NSTERB0Y
Status: 0 players have been online in the last 3 months.
Team Members
HQ M0NSTERB0Y (Joined 3252 days ago) Captain
HQ Utopia Dying (Joined 3252 days ago) Captain
t3knocyt3 (Joined 3247 days ago) Member
HQ Mattster (Joined 3203 days ago) Member
fsayward (Joined 3243 days ago) Member
HQ WheelieUK (Joined 3196 days ago) Member
Punksher25 (Joined 3211 days ago) Member
HQ Elite vs Dogs Of War May 7th 2010
Born 2 Kill vs HQ Elite April 22nd 2010
xPSx vs HQ Elite April 14th 2010
HQ Elite vs ChopA April 10th 2010
HQ Elite vs ChopA January 1st 1970