A Call of Duty 4 team.

Team Overview
Name: Hydra
Members: 7
Locations: AU (4) NZ (3)
Registered: 5/5/17
Founder: Titanium-
Status: 4 players (57%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Team Members
Titanium- (Joined 470 days ago) Captain
HyPa_AU (Joined 470 days ago) Lieutenant
Xmo233 (Online today) Member
vFearedParadox (Joined 375 days ago) Member
Inferno-Specs (Joined 366 days ago) Member
Cliqahh (Joined 354 days ago) Member
KefeMe (Joined 350 days ago) Member
Hydra vs SNS October 18th 2017
Extortion vs Hydra October 16th 2017
Hydra vs ZeroTolerance October 10th 2017
Hydra vs Redemption October 10th 2017
Extortion vs Hydra October 10th 2017