A Rainbow 6 | Siege team.

Team Overview
Name: RPM_eSports
Members: 10
Subscribers: 1
Locations: AU (10)
Registered: 8/7/17
Founder: SirKiller.RPM
Status: 3 players (30%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Team Members
SirKiller.RPM (Joined 592 days ago) Captain
MilkMiner50 (Joined 592 days ago) Lieutenant
Barragwanas (Joined 589 days ago) Lieutenant
MuLLeT_MaN27 (Joined 361 days ago) Lieutenant
VendettaXD21 (Joined 521 days ago) Member
polywolf (Joined 400 days ago) Member
BeastM0de. (Joined 396 days ago) Member
Zeltrax07.RPM (Joined 358 days ago) Member
Astaroth.RPM (Joined 246 days ago) Member
CoNgy (Joined 246 days ago) Member
Oatmeal vs RPM_eSports March 12th 2018
Adversum vs RPM_eSports March 11th 2018
Artemis Gaming vs RPM_eSports March 3rd 2018
Agony vs RPM_eSports February 23rd 2018
Australian Universal Soldiers vs RPM_eSports February 15th 2018