Team Overview
Name: Clarity
Members: 10
Locations: AU (10)
Registered: 26/5/18
Founder: Nayeon
Status: 3 players (30%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Counter-Strike Global Offensive
May 2018
Rank #9
AOC CGPL Winter 2018: Bronze Season 1
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Counter-Strike Global Offensive
July 2018
Rank #6
AOC CGPL Spring 2018: Bronze Season 2
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Counter-Strike Global Offensive
October 2018
Rank #23
AOC Summer Series 2018: Bronze Season 3
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Team Members
elegant TANG (Joined 272 days ago) Captain
FlamEH (Joined 214 days ago) Captain
Adam Z (Joined 272 days ago) Member
Kowaii07 (Joined 272 days ago) Member
moon3000 (Joined 271 days ago) Member
SSS9 (Joined 190 days ago) Member
Phxxxxxx (Joined 163 days ago) Member
ywl408 (Joined 150 days ago) Member
ChoX (Joined 135 days ago) Member
ruiluo (Joined 125 days ago) Member
dim sum boys vs Clarity November 4th
Eclipse vs Clarity November 1st
Clarity vs TYRANDS October 27th
MiNDHACK vs Clarity October 22nd
Remorse Gaming vs Clarity October 19th
CSGO Stats
elegant TANG ADR: 108.6
Adam Z ADR: 70.68
FlamEH ADR: 75.12
SSS9 ADR: 54.4