Team Overview
Name: BitG
Members: 7
Locations: AU (6) SG (1)
Registered: 20/8/18
Founder: SluzMunt
Status: 5 players (71%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Rainbow 6 | Siege
August 2018
Rank #65
Season 3 PS4: Bronze Season 1
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Rainbow 6 | Siege
September 2018
Rank #16
Season 2 PS4: Bronze Season 2
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Team Members
SluzMunt (Joined 117 days ago) Captain
Kritzy (Joined 114 days ago) Lieutenant
Exiledslayer (Joined 98 days ago) Lieutenant
williamskizz64 (Joined 93 days ago) Lieutenant
ThatAngMoh (Joined 117 days ago) Member
WombatKombat42 (Joined 92 days ago) Member
Big_Moinos (Joined 70 days ago) Member
Logic eSports vs BitG October 7th
BitG vs RyZ_Clan October 6th
BitG vs Aspire eSports September 25th
Genocide vs BitG September 21st
D00dle Donkeys vs BitG September 15th