A Rainbow 6 | Siege team competing in Season 5 PC: Bronze.

Team Overview
Name: Cryptic
Members: 7
Locations: AU (7)
Registered: 30/8/18
Founder: Snow.TS
Status: 1 player (14%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Rainbow 6 | Siege
August 2018
Rank #39
Season 5 PC: Bronze Season 2
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Rainbow 6 | Siege
January 2019
Rank #26
Season 5 PC: Bronze Season 3
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Team Members
Cryptic.Yeethop (Joined 141 days ago) Member
Cryptic.Nakolad (Joined 140 days ago) Member
Cryptic.N3k0G4m3r (Joined 140 days ago) Member
cryptic.nickacorn (Joined 140 days ago) Member
Cryptic.Hulby (Joined 138 days ago) Member
Cryptic.Vanguard (Joined 136 days ago) Member
Cryptic.Wowcomo (Joined 126 days ago) Member
Wolfpack eSports vs Cryptic September 29th
Modern Pariahs vs Cryptic September 28th
Cryptic vs RPM Ninja's September 23rd
Inadequate vs Cryptic September 22nd
Cryptic vs Squid Squad September 19th