A Rainbow 6 | Siege team.

Team Overview
Name: Vitiate
Members: 7
Locations: NZ (7)
Registered: 17/10/18
Founder: Foxtrot._.
Status: 7 players (100%) have been online in the last 2 months.
Previous Season
October 2018
Rank #21
Season 5 PC: Bronze Season 2
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Team Members
Foxtrot._. (Joined 160 days ago) Captain
Rikishi (Joined 54 days ago) Lieutenant
PillowCase (Joined 49 days ago) Lieutenant
Jono._. (Joined 76 days ago) Member
ronybones9 (Joined 49 days ago) Member
Lobsta (Joined 49 days ago) Member
Flein1 (Joined 48 days ago) Member
Divinity vs Vitiate February 26th
Pandemic Black vs Vitiate February 25th
Novus Veritas vs Vitiate February 19th
Vitiate vs Team Tahit Blue February 16th
Vitiate vs ScumChooks February 15th