Extrasensory Perception

A Counter-Strike Global Offensive team.

Team Overview
Name: Extrasensory Perception
Members: 10
Subscribers: 2
Locations: AU (10)
Registered: 30/10/18
Founder: 9spineS
Status: 6 players (60%) have been online in the last 3 weeks.
Previous Season
October 2018
Rank #10
AOC Summer Series 2018: Bronze Season 3
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Team Members (2 online today)
9spineS (Joined 116 days ago) Captain
CoachParnell (Joined 116 days ago) Captain
tank (Online an hour ago) Captain
solidplayer (Joined 116 days ago) Member
vadzor (Online today) Member
X-c0n (Joined 116 days ago) Member
kReYZi (Joined 81 days ago) Member
Sai404 (Joined 109 days ago) Member
Booya (Joined 69 days ago) Member
Kalvashnikov (Joined 66 days ago) Member