Team Overview
Name: Axis Empire
Members: 6
Locations: AU (5) NZ (1)
Registered: 10/11/18
Founder: Axis_FameZ
Status: 2 players (33%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Current Season
February 2019
Rank #12
Call of Duty 2019: Season 1: Bronze Season 2
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Team Members
Axis_FameZ (Joined 101 days ago) Captain
Mazza5180 (Joined 101 days ago) Member
pickles (Joined 101 days ago) Member
tank444111 (Joined 100 days ago) Member
DerCJ (Joined 96 days ago) Member
KieAU (Joined 96 days ago) Member

Axis Empire has not played any matches