Narnia 3 : White Witch is bak?

A Counter-Strike Global Offensive team.

Team Overview
Name: Narnia 3 : White Witch is bak?
Members: 10
Locations: AU (9) NZ (1)
Registered: 15/11/18
Founder: Godlikez
Status: 9 players (90%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Previous Season
November 2018
Rank #8
AOC Summer Series 2018: Bronze Season 3
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Team Members
Godlikez (Online today) Captain
Stuff (Joined 159 days ago) Captain
JosephKoony (Joined 159 days ago) Captain
Foxftw (Joined 159 days ago) Captain
killadragon (Joined 154 days ago) Captain
2quick (Joined 148 days ago) Captain
Fuzzy_wuzzy (Joined 148 days ago) Captain
Rus (Joined 103 days ago) Member
Hooks (Joined 96 days ago) Member
bloodofavirgin (Joined 117 days ago) Member