Team Overview
Name: IceCold
Members: 6
Locations: AU (6)
Registered: 11/12/18
Founder: Stan1mal
Status: 4 players (67%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Team Members
Stan1mal (Joined 100 days ago) Captain
avoL (Joined 100 days ago) Captain
Fraggbear (Joined 100 days ago) Member
Chicho (Joined 97 days ago) Member
prada (Joined 93 days ago) Member
Pablo (Joined 85 days ago) Member
The Flairs vs IceCold January 6th
Silver Domers vs IceCold January 3rd
IceCold vs The Professional Gamers December 28th
r4mp4ge vs IceCold December 26th
IceCold vs budget December 23rd