Centrelink Gaming

A Counter-Strike Global Offensive team competing in 2019: Season 1: Open.

Team Overview
Name: Centrelink Gaming
Members: 7
Locations: AU (7)
Registered: 5/1/19
Founder: Skannerz
Status: 7 players (100%) have been online in the last week.
Current Season
January 2019
Rank #22
2019: Season 1: Open Season 5
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Team Members (3 online today)
Skannerz (Online today) Captain
ThicksetLeaf9 (Joined 12 days ago) Captain
PR2Jay (Online today) Lieutenant
grumpa (Joined 12 days ago) Lieutenant
Milkmon (Joined 12 days ago) Lieutenant
wasza (Online an hour ago) Lieutenant
Ghilees (Joined 10 days ago) Lieutenant