Team Overview
Name: Team
Members: 7
Subscribers: 5
Locations: AU (5) NZ (2)
Registered: 22/1/19
Founder: .Supa
Status: 6 players (86%) have been online in the last week.
Current Season
January 2019
Rank #11
2019: Season 1: Amateur Season 5
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Team Members (4 online today)
.Supa (Online today) Captain
hashslingingslasher (Online yesterday) Captain
Cuthbertonnw (Online today) Captain
Aligin (Online today) Member
Norsin (Joined 23 days ago) Member
Anarchy75 (Joined 12 days ago) Member
syner (Online today) Member
FierceGGs vs Team Sunday 7:30pm
Team vs Wildfire Nation Friday 7:30pm
two dads united vs Team 6 days ago
Obsidium White vs Team 7 days ago
Handicapables vs Team February 9th
CSGO Stats
Aligin ADR: 61.86
hashslingingslasher ADR: 82.5
Norsin ADR: 81.64
.Supa ADR: 71.44
Cuthbertonnw ADR: 82.18