Australian Gaming Network Orange

A Dota 2 team competing in Dota 2019: Season 1: Bronze.

Team Overview
Name: Australian Gaming Network Orange
Members: 7
Locations: AU (5) NZ (2)
Registered: 23/1/19
Founder: RoshanStacker
Status: 6 players (86%) have been online in the last month.
Current Season
January 2019
Rank #3
Dota 2019: Season 1: Bronze Season 2
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Team Members
RoshanStacker (Joined 63 days ago) Captain
RRH (Joined 63 days ago) Lieutenant
sjp (Online today) Lieutenant
JLM (Joined 63 days ago) Member
Smidddy (Joined 52 days ago) Member
G-Dragon (Joined 63 days ago) Member
FrankTheDrag0n (Joined 63 days ago) Member