Team Overview
Name: Scuffed
Members: 5
Subscribers: 5
Locations: AU (5)
Registered: 5/2/19
Founder: crypt1c
Status: 5 players (100%) have been online in the last 24h.
Current Season
February 2019
Rank #1
2019: Season 1: Amateur Season 5
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Team Members (5 online today)
crypt1c (Online Now!) Captain
Skcoot (Online today) Member
Johnald (Online Now!) Member
MinTi (Online Now!) Member
zefno (Online today) Member
MC Academy vs Scuffed Thursday 7:00pm
Scuffed vs DynastyWhite 12 minutes from now
Expansion NZ vs Scuffed Yesterday
Parallax Gaming vs Scuffed 8 days ago
Scuffed vs Obsidium White 9 days ago
CSGO Stats
Johnald ADR: 69.56
crypt1c ADR: 63.72
MinTi ADR: 97.07
Skcoot ADR: 72.3