Not Under the SEA

A Dota 2 team competing in Dota 2019: Season 1: Bronze.

Team Overview
Name: Not Under the SEA
Members: 6
Locations: AU (6)
Registered: 9/2/19
Founder: Insecure Fapper
Status: 6 players (100%) have been online in the last month.
Current Season
February 2019
Rank #11
Dota 2019: Season 1: Bronze Season 2
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Team Members
Insecure Fapper (Online yesterday) Captain
MrSquiggle (Joined 39 days ago) Member
garrydota2 (Joined 39 days ago) Member
Twoillusionz (Joined 22 days ago) Member
Theomninoob (Joined 19 days ago) Member
Someblondegurl (Joined 22 days ago) Member