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Additional Information
Platform: PS3
Competing in:
PS3 BO 5v5 S&D P2P: 1st
Tag: [MF]
Recruiting: No
Nov 7th 10
Matches Played: 53
Points: 50
Current Matches: 0
0 matches played in the last month.
7 Premium Members
General Information
Name: white snakes
Members: 7
Locations: AU (7)
Registered: 7/11/10
Founder: wild
Online Status: 4 players (57%) have been online in the last 3 months.
Win/Loss History
Recent Activity
25th Aug Defeated Unknown Team win 2 loss 1
21st Aug Challenged Unknown Team to a match
12th Aug Challenged Surfing Lobsters to a match
4th Aug Defeated XiL3 win 2 loss 0
2nd Jul Axed joined the team
2nd Jul ml. joined the team
2nd Jul Fallen` joined the team
2nd Jul Lazz joined the team
2nd Jul Dylan joined the team
About Us
white snakes UNITE!

We Dont Shoot to Tell
We Only Shoot to Kill.
Team Members
Site Flag Alias
4 players (57%) have been online in the last 3 months.
AU Axed
PSN ID: axed99
AU Denz26
PSN ID: DeNz26
AU Dylan
PSN ID: SubMuffin
AU Fallen`
PSN ID: Fallen_33
AU Lazz
PSN ID: Laazzz
AU ml.
PSN ID: ml219
Inactive account
AU wild
Past Ladders & Leagues Results
Opponent W/L Map More
Tainted Minds win 21 Grid // Summit // Hanoi View
Match was disputed
win 20 Grid // Havana // Cracked View
auRa eSports
Match was disputed
win Summit // Hanoi // Grid // Havana // Villa View
Match was disputed
win Havana // Villa // Cracked View
Match was disputed
win Cracked // WMD // Villa View
Match was cancelled
Cracked // WMD // Villa View
Surfing Lobsters
Match was disputed
win 20 Villa // Hanoi // Summit View
Tainted Minds
Match was disputed
loss 12 Cracked // Grid // Hanoi View
Opponent W/L Map More
Frenetic Array loss Hanoi / Villa / Grid / Cracked / Havana View
auRa eSports win Havana / Summit / Hanoi View
Effectz win Grid / Havana / Cracked View
Match was disputed
win 20 Villa / Cracked / Summit View
Match was cancelled
Summit View
Frenetic Array loss 1315 Hanoi View
DeadLink win Summit View
Effectz loss Grid View
Frenetic Array loss 1115 Havana View
Epidemic E-sports win villa View
Match was cancelled
00 - View
Team Azure : IoV.
white snakes
Declined the Challenge
Match was declined by wild
loss - View
Opponent W/L Map More
auRa eSports loss Cracked // Hanoi // Villa // Havana // Summit View
Rival win 21 Havana // Villa // Grid View
Effectz win 20 Grid // Hanoi // Summit View
treeSport Warriors win 21 Hanoi // Cracked // Villa View
. win 164 Grid View
auRa eSports loss Cracked View
Tba win Havana View
Match was disputed
win Villa // Summit // Havana View
Opponent W/L Map More
Frenetic Array loss 13 Grid>Villa>Cracked>Hanoi>Havana View
Genesis Old win Havana // Summit // WMD View
Monstarz ft. Fruity Booty
Match was disputed
win Grid>Villa>Hanoi View
Frenetic Array loss Cracked View
Effectz win Summit View
Opponent W/L Map More
Genesis Old loss Villa, Grid, Hanoi, Cracked, Havana. View
Match was disputed
win Cracked, Havana, Summit, WMD, Villa. View
Genesis Old
Match was disputed
loss Map 1: Villa, Map 2: Havana, Map 3: Cracked View
Suit up win Hanoi View
Vanquish. win GRID View
Vendetta win 1514 WMD View
[sBd!] Silent But DeAdLy win Grid>Hanoi>Cracked>Havana >Villa View
Match was disputed
win 21 Havana>Radiation>Summit View
Suit up win Grid > Array > Villa View
vlastanovak & co. Pty Ltd ©
Match was disputed
win Hanoi View
Effectz loss 1113 Jungle View
Infectious Gaming win Cracked View
vlastanovak & co. Pty Ltd © loss Havana View
DeadLink win 138 Cracked View
Malice win Cracked View
RAG3 Cracked View
don't Choke Old win 137 Villa View
Turkz At War
Match was disputed
win Array View
Suit up loss 01 Havana View
xKraZy-- win 90 Radiation View
>EVERLASTING SQUAD< win 94 Villa View
Effectz 00 - View
Vendetta 00 - View
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