Australian Combat Enforcers

A Call of Duty: MW3 team.

Historical Record! This team is historical, no modifications to it are allowed.
Team Overview
Name: Australian Combat Enforcers
Members: 11
Locations: AU (10) NZ (1)
Registered: 11/1/12
Founder: Majestic002
Status: 0 players have been online in the last 3 months.
Team Members
Majestic002 (Joined 2384 days ago) Captain
doc gompel (Joined 2373 days ago) Member
axnx (Joined 2367 days ago) Captain
killar reaper (Joined 2339 days ago) Member
WrongerSquirrell (Joined 2291 days ago) Captain
DeathBcomeU (Joined 2267 days ago) Member
InSaniTi3s (Joined 2251 days ago) Captain
Feedzzx (Joined 2141 days ago) Member
xxXAGGR0Xxx (Joined 2137 days ago) Captain
Xv Thrillz vX (Joined 2110 days ago) Member
S3RPENT0R (Joined 2110 days ago) Member