A Battlefield 3 5v5 team.

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Team Overview
Name: FantasyBattlefield
Members: 10
Locations: AU (10)
Registered: 20/4/12
Founder: Rices
Status: 0 players have been online in the last 3 months.
Team Members
achimy (Joined 2464 days ago) Captain
Jordoi (Joined 2461 days ago) Captain
astro_ant (Joined 2461 days ago) Captain
M.Lyons (Joined 2440 days ago) Captain
Dr0pBe4r (Joined 2464 days ago) Member
Farted (Joined 2455 days ago) Member
tajthewhitetiger (Joined 2454 days ago) Member
cheffy10 (Joined 2450 days ago) Member
ZeBearJew (Joined 2445 days ago) Member
venganc3 (Joined 2437 days ago) Member