OW: Tournament Ladder related rules
OW: Tournament Rules
CyberGamer Overwatch ruleset

This is the ruleset that is used for all CyberGamer 6on6 Overwatch matches. These rules are frequently updated and may change without notice, it is up to the players to make sure they are fully aware of the rules at all times.

An admin has the final decision when it comes to all rulings, an admin may rule against this ruleset if they determine a fairer course of action is required. If you disagree with a ruling you can dispute it via

These rules apply to all CyberGamer Overwatch matches, events and competitions.


Match Settings

All ladder matches will be best of three.

Map Pick / Veto

The defending team starts the map veto. Each team will ban maps until number of maps needed. The attacking team will then choose the starting side of the first map.

Available maps: All

Match Scoring:

Each map win is to be entered as 1 point.

If both attacking sides win, the victory will be award to the team that completed the map in the fastest time.

If teams reach the same checkpoint but neither completes the map, the match ends in a tie.

If map ends in a tie a control map will be played. The team to capture the first objective wins the map.

Team captains will need to manually reveto in chat (either bnet or matchwall) for the control point map if their game requires a tiebreaker

If a referee is not present, screenshots must be taken in order to verify what time you got, failure to do so may result in a forced control point map being played.

Rule Set: Competitive

Map Options
Map order: Single Map
Return to lobby:
Control Maps : After a game
All other maps: After a mirror match

Disable all maps except for the map that is to be played.

Hero Options
Hero selection limit: 1

Gameplay Options
Disable kill cam: On
High bandwidth: On

All other settings are to be left as default

All games must be played on Americas server. 5/6 players on the core roster must be from Australia and New Zealand region.


Contact Us

Support Tickets

CyberGamer Support tickets can be used for a range of issues and are the best way to get issues fixed or to make required changes. Issues which you may lodge a Support ticket for include but are not limited to: a BattleNet ID change, a match reschedule, reporting a player for cheating (with evidence). Issues that happen after a match has played are dealt with through dispute.

A1: CyberGamer Support can be accessed at

CyberGamer Mail

CyberGamer mail can be used to contact a CyberGamer Overwatch administrator, referee, server technician or shoutcaster.
CyberGamer Mail can be accessed at

Registration & Membership Accounts


As a CyberGamer user, you are required to abide by the CyberGamer Terms and Conditions of Use. Pursuant to these Terms and Conditions of Use, all profile information must be correct.

A3: CyberGamer registration can be accessed at
A4: CyberGamer Terms and Conditions of Use can be viewed at
A5: CyberGamer AntiCheat Policy :


To compete in a CyberGamer competition, you must be a member of CyberGamer ( Account usernames must not include any offensive or unacceptable language, which includes but is not limited to usernames containing: racism, abuse, drug use / drug themes. Users found with offensive usernames will have their name edited to something more appropriate by a CyberGamer administrator. If a member is found to be using an account name that is deemed offensive after having it changed by an administrator, that member will be issued a warning. If the rule is violated a second time, that member may be banned from the forums and/or matches.

Users may only use one CyberGamer account with one BnetID and may only be a part of one Overwatch team at the same time (this includes all divisions).You cannot make a new account for any reason without first contacting an admin, accounts will be closed if they are found to be duplicates.

Breaching this rule may result in suspension until the duplicate account issue is resolved by a CyberGamer administrator.

Player Requirements


CyberGamer users are required to forward accurate personal details to CyberGamer Overwatch administrators if required. All personal information a user publishes on CyberGamer must be accurate.

BattleNet ID

CyberGamer requires all Overwatch users to have their singular BattleNet ID set to their CyberGamer account. Users are required to play on the BattleNet account set on their CyberGamer account profile for all CyberGamer sanctioned matches / competitions. A user's Bnet ID must be set before they are eligible to compete in any match, this can be done through your profile settings.

You are responsible and accountable for your account and any action that is taken on it.


CyberGamer users are required to uphold, observe and respect a reasonable level of sportsmanship. This level of sportsmanship is expected to be conducted prior to, during and after CyberGamer matches and during the general use of CyberGamer. Unsportsmanlike conduct is not allowed. Sportsmanship does not only refer to the other team, general abuse or non compliance towards administrators, casters or spectators will count as unsportsmanlike behavior.

Sportsmanship also translates to forums, excessive trolling of the CG forums will result in bans and in extreme cases may result in match bans and forum access revoked.

Consistently breaking this rule will result in a one week player match ban.

In-game Aliases / Handles

CyberGamer requires users to label themselves in CyberGamer matches with an in-game alias similar or distinguishable enough to their CyberGamer account username. Inappropriate in-game aliases will not be tolerated, including names which have racism, abuse, drug use / themes.

Consistently breaking this rule will result in a one week player match ban.

Team Captains

CyberGamer Overwatch teams must have at least one team captain elected. This user has complete control over their team (including the right to remove / add players from their team (presuming it doesn't conflict with a roster change rule)). The team captain has an obligation to the other members on the team to behave professionally and represent the team in a sportsmanlike manner. The team captain is responsible for his teams behaviour during CyberGamer and is thus accountable for any outcomes thereof. The captain needs to ensure the correct score is entered or if a dispute is lodged.

Captain Absences or Changes

If the elected CyberGamer Overwatch team captain(s) is(are) absent, an acting captain must be selected, and they will inherent all the relevant responsibilities. Acting captains will be designated automatically to any users with the lieutenant status.


CyberGamer Overwatch users have the right to remove their captain if the majority of the team agree.
can request to have the captain removed at any time. Over seventy-five percent (75%) of the current roster must submit this request in writing before any action will be taken by CyberGamer (please refer to section 1). All requests must be sent to a senior CyberGamer administrator and must contain the following information. For paid leagues the 75% includes listed core members only, for the open ladder all members will be able to submit a request

Team name (with link):
Name of Captain (to be removed) (with link):
Name of new Captain (with link):
Name of yourself and your alias (with link):
Detailed reasons for the mutiny


Leagues which require payments must be made by the date specified by the administration team.

Failure to do so will result in removal from the competition.

If for any reason your team no longer wishes to compete in a paid league or you have been denied entry to a paid league, you are eligible for a refund so long as the season has not started yet. If a player is banned after the season starts you are not eligible for a refund. Partial refunds are not available for individual players, only the whole team.

Once the season has started no refunds will be given

Team Information


CyberGamer Overwatch league teams must have a minimum of six paid users (if applicable). Users must be on the team roster during the signup period to be eligible to register to the competition.

Team Rosters

CyberGamer requires all teams to have at least six players on their team roster. Users may not compete on behalf of a team which they are not on the roster of (also known as smurfing).

CyberGamer requires team captains to set a 'Core 6' of their team before the end of registration via the function implemented on CyberGamer team pages (failing to do will result in termination from the league). A minimum of three of the six core users are required to play the season which includes each and every game. Changes to the core during the season will not be permitted.

CyberGamer requests each team contains seven players for their roster, however the minimum is six. Rosters will have a limit of 10 users for all CyberGamer Overwatch league matches. Failing to play a scheduled match without at least four users will be penalised with a forfeit or what CyberGamer administrators deem a necessary penalty.

Breaking this rule will result in a removal from the competition with a one week player match ban per offence.

Roster Changes

CyberGamer Overwatch teams are allowed three user changes per season. These users can be added during the roster unlock period (see 4.4 - Roster Locks). A maximum of three changes can be made to the team. Under extreme circumstances the limit of the changes may be increased.

The ineligible status DOES NOT apply to the paid leagues unless a player joins after the match start time or rosters are locked (please see the schedules for specific roster lock dates). Teams who add a player in a non CGo league are not required to seek permission for them to play.

A user can only be added during the season from a league of equivalent or lower division. A player may not be added from a higher division to a lower division in the same season once they have completed a game. Changing divisions through different seasons is acceptable. Players are only able to change one team per season.

This does not apply to CyberGamer Open. Open will remain you can add players to your roster whenever, however if in a match will be ineligible to play that game.

Breaking this rule will result in a one season match ban including a removal from the competition.

Roster Locks

Roster locks will be enforced for the season, only during unlock periods will users be able to join a CyberGamer team. Roster unlocks for division will be specified in each season league announcement. Users will not be able to be added in the two weeks before the commencement of finals, without strict admin permission.

This does not apply to CyberGamer Open

Breaking this rule will result in a team removal from the competition.

Team Names

CyberGamer team names containing any of the following will not be tolerated: profanity, racism, sexism, drug use, silly or too big in size. Refusing to change a team name or repeat use of an inappropriate name will result in punishment. CyberGamer teams may not use the name of a team in which is not theirs (as interpreted by CyberGamer).

Consistently breaking this rule will result in a team removal from the competition.

Dead Teams

In the result of a team dropping from the league (commonly known as dying), all previous matches played will be removed from the division. The core users in a team which dies will receive punishment including a ban from that season. Foregoing continuation in CyberGamer leagues while matches are still in progress will also result in no refunds given. Players who leave the team may be excluded from punishment if the team is still eligible to continue through roster changes. This only applies to players before the team drops from the league.

Breaking this rule will result in a season ban for every player in the team, the ban will finish at the end of the season however an administrator may choose to extend the ban.

Game Play Requirements


How to create a game
Create a Game by clicking Play->Custom game then adjust the settings accordingly.
The creator of the game must invite the opponent captain by BattleTag (this should be displayed on their player profile) and the opposing team captain must invite the other team members.

Banned Heroes

The Cybergamer administration team reserves the right to ban heroes. The lobby host will have to flag banned heroes as "off" in the custom match settings when instructed. Cybergamer also reserves the right to ban skins if they are deemed to have an unintended impact on the hero, if a skin is banned you may not equip it in any Cybergamer match, a banned skin announcement will be published on the forums.

Match Start Time

A team will have an extra ten minutes past the starting time to get the minimum six required users into the match lobby. The match must commence within ten minutes of the match starting time. Any further time to get the minimum of six players will be granted solely at the discretion of the team with the required six or more players and a CyberGamer match official. Failure to start a match within fifteen minutes of the designated time may result in consequences. As such, it is recommended that you join the server at least ten minutes before your match time. If the server is not up ten minutes prior you must notify a CyberGamer Overwatch administrator.

Breaking this rule will result in a match reversal.

Minimum users / No Show / Forfeit

CyberGamer Overwatch teams must have a minimum of five eligible users in the server at the designated time of your match. If not, then the team who does not have 6 or more players will forfeit the matches. In the event of a No Show / Forfeit, teams are required to provide sufficient proof (screenshot of empty server). If teams forfeit 2 or more games during a season they will be disqualified and will be unable to continue with the season.

League matches must be entered as one / zero wins against the forfeiting team. They will be averaged out during the season.

The season rules do not apply to Open.


Smurfing is the use of player who is not eligible or allowed to play a specific match (including subverting CyberGamer by allowing a different user to play on a battle net account, to masquerade as a legitimate user).

Smurfing is not allowed. If a user is going to be playing from a different location (i.e. Internet Cafe) they are required to make a CyberGamer Overwatch administrator aware of this.

Breaking this rule will result in a category 4 offence listed in the AntiCheat Policy and an overturn of the match.

Using Non Registered users

Teams can not use non-registered users, ineligible users are considered not registered. Using a player who is not registered is considered a violation and will fall under the smurfing rule. Failure to follow this rule will result in punishments listed in rule 6.5 smurfing.

Suspended users

Suspended users who play in a match will have their punishment increased.

Breaching this rule will result in a two week player match ban extension and match overturn.

Global Chat

Player Connections

Player connections are solely the responsibility of the individual. Should an issue arise regarding widespread connection problems to the server, then the match is either cancelled or postponed upon team agreement. This can be verified by posting in the match details page team chat.

Once a match has started (gates have opened), should a player disconnect within 15 seconds the game should be brought back to lobby and the player re-invited. If the disconnected player or substitute player making up the position, has not entered the match within the three minutes, the team forfeits the match. Any problems arising due to connection issues are the sole responsibility of the users

Administrators reserve the right to eject any player from a server or overturn a match result if their connection has a serious impact on the game, it is your sole responsibility to make sure your connection is acceptable to the server, congestion is not an acceptable reason for warping or lagging.

Player Substitutions

Teams are allowed to make substitutions of their eligible players at the end of a map. The player coming in must wait until the player he is replacing has left the server.

Users Leaving Early

All users are expected to remain in the server until the conclusion of the final round of the match. If an entire team leaves the server prior to conclusion of the match, any remaining rounds will be forfeited, including the current unfinished round.

If teams wish to lodge a dispute over the fairness of a game due to either server lag / roster issues / potential cheaters they must remain in the game and lodged the dispute afterwards.

Breaking this rule will result in disqualification of the match, as well as possible removal from the competition.

Graphical Settings

If a player is found using any 3rd party/other applications/opengl32 files which alter the graphics in any way, it will result in the appropriate punishment from the CyberGamer administration team.

Breaking this rule will be considered a cheating offence

Outside Applications

Using outside applications to manipulate, change or alter Overwatch is a major offence. This will result in the immediate suspension/ban of a player and/or team and will be considered a cheating violation. users caught running 3rd party applications that alter the gaming environment will be subjected to CyberGamers Anti-Cheat policy. This will most likely lead to an extended or sometimes permanent ban from all CyberGamer events


Map Exploits

The use of any exploits or map glitches is strictly forbidden. The CyberGamer administration team determines the following as either a map exploit or glitch: jumping to or standing on invisible (or unreasonably tiny) ledges, walls, or rooftops. The use of such exploits will lead to the appropriate punishment from the CyberGamer administration panel.

Consistently breaking this rule will result in a one week player match ban and one round deductions each offense.

Cheats / Hacking

N.B.: Cheats / Hacking includes any unauthorised manipulation of: server configurations and server variables, client configurations and client variables, models, skins, entities, textures, weapon, sounds, or anything else that subverts the CyberGamer Overwatch Rules. Hacking includes but is not limited to: wall hacks, aim bots / auto aimers, speed hacks, ESP, or any other third party program which alters the game in a way that the game developer did not intend for.

Cheating/Hacking is not allowed and will result in a removal/ban from CyberGamer matches / events. A list of policies can be found here:

Server and player crashes

Server crashes

In the event that the server crashes while the game is live, the game may be remade or called depending on how close to victory conditions each team was.

Server Problems

Should an issue arise regarding widespread connection problems to the server (e.g. lag) and a CyberGamer administrator acknowledges this, then the match may be paused, cancelled, rescheduled or continued. If there is no referee in game then both teams must agree that there is widespread connection problems (screenshot agreement), and both captains must agree to dispute the match. If an admin is present or called to the match, they have the right to restart the match provided it was within the first four rounds of play or if outside the first four rounds, reload the round when the issue occurred if they believe the problem has had a significant impact on the outcome of the game.

CyberGamer requests that users attempt to play out their game for as long as possible before the widespread connection problems affect the game - if the problems persist, then file a dispute as stated.

If both teams do not agree that there are widespread connection issue at play, then the match is to played out and teams may dispute post-match. The CyberGamer administration team will review all relevant evidence to determine whether or not there was significant widespread connection issues. Rescheduling of matches will be done so through the communication of both team captains in regards to their availability - matches for leagues must be played as soon as possible.


Player or Team Disputes

Post-match when teams would typically submit their scores, they may dispute their match and provide their grounds and details of their dispute. The grounds of the dispute will be reviewed by a CyberGamer administrators - if the Administrator believes that there are no reasonable grounds for the dispute, it will be resolved and match scores will stand. If the Administrator believes there are reasonable grounds, the dispute will proceed and follow the CyberGamer Dispute process (Section 10.2). The opposing team needs to provide meaningful evidence for any dispute - this includes Smurfing allegations.

Dispute Process

As it is a CyberGamer requirement to play out matches until they are finished, all disputes will be made post-match - if a team fails to complete a match (forfeit) then they will not be eligible to dispute - except under extreme circumstances. Once a match enters into a dispute, it is usually a requirement for all users to upload their PoV demo that they recorded. Users must respect and observe the Administrators authority in dispute matters, they are authorised and trained to deal with disputes - disrespect or ignorance towards Administrators will not be tolerated. CyberGamer makes no guarantee as to the speed at which disputes will be resolved, numerous factors affect these speeds and therefore there is no general time frame. If a team cannot wait for CyberGamer administration panel to resolve a dispute patiently then they are advised not to dispute. Lack of evidence or reasoning when lodging a dispute may result in a dispute being closed immediately with no formal review.

Dispute Submission

A dispute made by a CyberGamer team will only become official when the captain of that team lodges an official dispute (via the CyberGamer site dispute system). When making a dispute please make it as understandable as possible and have evidence if applicable. Users are not allowed to make individual disputes themselves, and these will be ignored. All disputes a team may have must be lodged by the designated team captain.


Submission of evidence is done so confidentially (within the teams and admins) and will not be released to the public by any Administrator. CyberGamer reserves the right to upload demos and logs of matches at their own discretion. Pursuant to CyberGamer Anti-Cheat policy, guilty subjects' evidence will not be released.

Discussion of Disputes

CyberGamer disputes are not to be discussed outside the privilege of CyberGamer administration panel. Administrators respect and uphold a confidentiality agreement with both teams while handling disputes. The CyberGamer administration team work at a reasonable pace, relevant to the grounds of the dispute.

Dispute Resolution

10.6 - All disputes will be subject to administrator discretion in conjunction with the Cybergamer Overwatch ruleset.


Live streaming of Overwatch Open Ladder matches is not permitted and includes players streaming their own matches. Only Cybergamer approved streams or shoutcasters may stream matches.
PC Specific Tournament Rules
All disputable issues that can be known at the start of the match must be resolved before the match starts. For example playing with less players than required or playing with players not on rosters. If you agree to start the match it is assumed you are happy with the match to count. Disputing the match afterwards for such issues will result in a lost match and possible bans wasting the admins time and for bad sportsmanship.
Tournament General Rules
Joining a tournament and not showing up to your first match will generally result in a site-wide match ban for 1-14 days.

Most tournaments run for between 3 and 5 hours.

Some tournaments may go late into the night and it may be required for the remaining matches in the tournament to be played at a later day. If a tournament does not complete on the day it is scheduled teams will have up to 7 days to complete their matches at their convenience, if you are unable to complete your matches within 7 days CyberGamer reserves the right to forfeit you (a refund may or may not be offered).

If you know a team/player is not eligible to play a match you should resolve the issue BEFORE you play the match. You should forfeit the team BEFORE the match if that is what you want to do. If you try and forfeit a team for playing an ineligible player AFTER the match you may not be given a forfeit win. You may even be banned for unsportsmanlike behavior if it is believed you played a match knowing you could try and forfeit them if you lost. This rule applies to all ladders/leagues/tournaments across the site.

CyberGamer Tournaments:
By competing in CyberGamer tournaments you understand and agree to the following:

- Any entry fees paid to CyberGamer will be refunded only if you withdraw from the tournament before the registration close time, or if your team is automatically withdrawn (for not qualifying etc), or is removed by a CyberGamer admin or the tournament is cancelled.
- We reserve the right to cancel any tournament and refund all members their entry fee (if applicable) at any time.
- Refunds will attempt to be made to the source of payment. If this is not possible your CG Credits account will be credited your entry fee.
- Most refunds will be made within 1 hour of the tournament starting, however if there are issues we aim to have all refunds completed within 48 hours.
- Prizemoney for teams eligible will be assigned to each team members CG Credits account within 48 hours of the tournament successfully completing. Withdrawing your prizemoney from your CG credits account can take up to 7 business days and can only be withdrawn to a bank account or paypal currently.
- Teams that win prize money have the winnings split evenly between all members that have had their entry fee paid (regardless who paid the entry fee and even if they were technically a sub that didn't play a match).
- Tournaments that have no entry fee but have a prize will have the winnings split between all members, including subs, regardless whether they competed in a match.
- By signing up to a tournament you agree to the tournament rules posted on the tournaments overview page.
- Various tournaments can go for the entire day, whilst most will go for at least 4 hours. Please check the tournament page for more information.
- You agree to provide all demos of your matches (if applicable) to CyberGamer. Failure to provide a demo will result in you being banned from the tournament system and any prizemoney forfeited.
- You agree that the CyberGamer Admin/Anticheat team will review any disputed matches and may overturn any matches as we see fit. If your match is overturned due to what we believe is cheating, your team will be refunded your entry fees (if applicable) and permanently banned from CyberGamer, you will also be in-eligible to receive any prize money.
- In the event that a match dispute arises that is unlikely to be resolved quickly, CyberGamer reserves the right to refund both teams (if applicable) and withdraw them "mid-tournament".
- Having a stable ISP/internet connection is the responsibility of the individual players, CyberGamer will not refund users/teams that lose matches due to user internet problems.
- If there are significant ISP/internet issues that affect multiple teams we will likely cancel a tournament and refund all users.
- If the CyberGamer servers or website suffer significant issues, the entire tournament will be cancelled at the admins discretion.
- CyberGamer reserves the right to ban any user from competing in our tournaments for any reason.
- All disputable issues that can be known at the start of a match must be resolved before the match starts. For example playing with less players than required or playing with players not on rosters. If you agree to start the match it is assumed you are happy with the match to count. Disputing the match afterwards for such issues will result in a lost match and possible bans wasting the admins time and for bad sportsmanship.
- You have confirmed you are legally able to compete in our tournaments in your jurisdiction.