nogame: Tournament Rules
XBOXONE Specific Tournament Rules
Tournament General Rules
Joining a tournament and not showing up to your first match will generally result in a site-wide match ban for 1-14 days.

Most tournaments run for between 3 and 5 hours.

Some tournaments may go late into the night and it may be required for the remaining matches in the tournament to be played at a later day. If a tournament does not complete on the day it is scheduled teams will have up to 7 days to complete their matches at their convenience, if you are unable to complete your matches within 7 days CyberGamer reserves the right to forfeit you (a refund may or may not be offered).

If you know a team/player is not eligible to play a match you should resolve the issue BEFORE you play the match. You should forfeit the team BEFORE the match if that is what you want to do. If you try and forfeit a team for playing an ineligible player AFTER the match you may not be given a forfeit win. You may even be banned for unsportsmanlike behavior if it is believed you played a match knowing you could try and forfeit them if you lost. This rule applies to all ladders/leagues/tournaments across the site.

CyberGamer Tournaments:
By competing in CyberGamer tournaments you understand and agree to the following:

- Any entry fees paid to CyberGamer will be refunded only if you withdraw from the tournament before the registration close time, or if your team is automatically withdrawn (for not qualifying etc), or is removed by a CyberGamer admin or the tournament is cancelled.
- We reserve the right to cancel any tournament and refund all members their entry fee (if applicable) at any time.
- Refunds will attempt to be made to the source of payment. If this is not possible your CG Credits account will be credited your entry fee.
- Most refunds will be made within 1 hour of the tournament starting, however if there are issues we aim to have all refunds completed within 48 hours.
- Prizemoney for teams eligible will be assigned to each team members CG Credits account within 48 hours of the tournament successfully completing. Withdrawing your prizemoney from your CG credits account can take up to 7 business days and can only be withdrawn to a bank account or paypal currently.
- Teams that win prize money have the winnings split evenly between all members that have had their entry fee paid (regardless who paid the entry fee and even if they were technically a sub that didn't play a match).
- Tournaments that have no entry fee but have a prize will have the winnings split between all members, including subs, regardless whether they competed in a match.
- By signing up to a tournament you agree to the tournament rules posted on the tournaments overview page.
- Various tournaments can go for the entire day, whilst most will go for at least 4 hours. Please check the tournament page for more information.
- You agree to provide all demos of your matches (if applicable) to CyberGamer. Failure to provide a demo will result in you being banned from the tournament system and any prizemoney forfeited.
- You agree that the CyberGamer Admin/Anticheat team will review any disputed matches and may overturn any matches as we see fit. If your match is overturned due to what we believe is cheating, your team will be refunded your entry fees (if applicable) and permanently banned from CyberGamer, you will also be in-eligible to receive any prize money.
- In the event that a match dispute arises that is unlikely to be resolved quickly, CyberGamer reserves the right to refund both teams (if applicable) and withdraw them "mid-tournament".
- Having a stable ISP/internet connection is the responsibility of the individual players, CyberGamer will not refund users/teams that lose matches due to user internet problems.
- If there are significant ISP/internet issues that affect multiple teams we will likely cancel a tournament and refund all users.
- If the CyberGamer servers or website suffer significant issues, the entire tournament will be cancelled at the admins discretion.
- CyberGamer reserves the right to ban any user from competing in our tournaments for any reason.
- All disputable issues that can be known at the start of a match must be resolved before the match starts. For example playing with less players than required or playing with players not on rosters. If you agree to start the match it is assumed you are happy with the match to count. Disputing the match afterwards for such issues will result in a lost match and possible bans wasting the admins time and for bad sportsmanship.
- You have confirmed you are legally able to compete in our tournaments in your jurisdiction.