A team linked to the tournament: PS4: PS4: COD MWR off-season #3 (Archived) - start time: 7:15pm 15/8/17. (Ready'd up!)
Combined this team has competed in 162 tournaments and has won 24 tournaments and placed 2nd-4th: 0 times.

Founder: Dodds
Created: 6:01pm 12/8/17
Placed: 0
Premium: 6
Most Recent Match:
Gruesome vs RapidESC
Has finished 1st-4th in 24 tournaments.
Team Overview
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Team Members
Team MembersGame IDEligibleSubCaptainPaid
Added by: Dodds AU ps4 DoddsYesNoYesPAID
Added by: DoddsAU ps4 Hrdy (CyberGamer Premium required) (Paid by: Dodds)YesNoYesPAID
Added by: DoddsAU ps4 Brodz' (CyberGamer Premium required)YesNoYesPAID
Added by: DoddsAU ps4 monster' (CyberGamer Premium required)NoNoNoPAID
Added by: DoddsNZ ps4 Zespre (CyberGamer Premium required) (Paid by: ConQr7)NoNoNoPAID
Added by: ZespreAU ps4 PowerhouseYesYesNoPay Form
Added by: DoddsAU ps4 spidYesYesNoPay Form
Added by: DoddsAU ps4 Preylam.YesYesNoPAID
Removed Players:
Added by: DoddsAU ps4 Hypezy [removed]NoYesNoPay Form
To be eligible to compete users must enter all required Game IDs and all core players need to pay the entry fee. The entry fee is optional for subs, however they will not share in any prize money if they do not pay the entry fee.
Match TitleWinnerMatch Time
Gruesome vs RapidESC
RapidESC: 1-010:00pm 20/8/17
Gruesome vs YiG Blue
YiG Blue: 13-58:30pm 21/8/17
Gruesome vs Top Fishy
Top Fishy: 1-09:00pm 28/8/17
Syndicate vs Gruesome
Syndicate: 1-010:00am 1/1/70
OracleEmpyre vs Gruesome
OracleEmpyre: 1-010:00am 1/1/70
Team payments
AmountUser / TeamAdditional Information
10.64HrdyPaid by: Dodds
10.00ZesprePaid by: ConQr7