Grand Final
pork vs ABCD (first final)
1:59pm 3/12/17 - Completed - de_cache
Congratulations tournament winner: pork
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This tournament has RANDOM seeding for all teams.
Teams confirmed:9/16
Required minimum teams:8
Tournament status: Archived
Start time: Friday 5:46pm December 1st 2017
Registration period was automatically extended.
Format: Double Elimination
Entry fee per player:$20.00AUD
Subs are not required to pay the entry fee. Subs only receive a share of the prize money if they optionally choose to pay the entry fee.
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Prize Pool:$3,000.00
Players per team:5
Subs allowed per team (optional):2
Maps: de_mirage, de_nuke, de_train, de_inferno, de_cache, de_overpass, de_cbble
1 map(s) chosen by veto on the match page at the start of the match
Platform/Game: PC: Counter-Strike Global Offensive
There are no late regos for this tournament
Initial settings from: CS:GO Open Ladder
Prize pool pay structure (4 places paid):
Places paid will not increase.

Teams that receive prizes will have the winnings split evenly between all members that have had their entry fee paid (regardless who paid the entry fee). CG Credits Information.

CyberGamer Premium payout structure: (200 days)
#Team PrizePer Player
1st:65 days11 days per player
2nd:55 days9 days per player
3rd:50 days8 days per player
4th:30 days5 days per player
The CyberGamer Premium prize pool will increase as more teams join the tournament. The prize pool is evenly split between all members/subs in the team.

1stporkPAID - 1,750.00 - CyberGamer Premium: 70d
2ndABCDPAID - 750.00 - CyberGamer Premium: 50d
3rdGGEZPAID - 250.00 - CyberGamer Premium: 50d
4thDownfallPAID - 250.00 - CyberGamer Premium: 30d
Teams competing (9)
Team NameRoundMatch ID
2 pork (seed: 3)F-1-
ABCD (seed: 1)F-1-
GGEZ (seed: 9)L-6-
Downfall (seed: 5)L-5-
2 widepeekboys (seed: 7)L-4-
5 lights out (seed: 6)L-4-
memes (seed: 8)L-3-
BOFA (seed: 4)L-3-
Elegy Gaming (seed: 2)L-2-
Teams that withdrew or were removed (1)
Removed by admin