Grand Final
Silver Gentlemen vs Downfall
10:55pm 23/1/18 - Completed - Bank
Congratulations tournament winner: Silver Gentlemen
Match for 3rd place
Team Tahoot vs Back Street Boys
10:51pm 23/1/18 - Completed - Consulate
Winner: Back Street Boys
Semi Finals
Silver Gentlemen vs Team Tahoot
9:36pm 23/1/18 - Completed - Club House
Winner: Silver Gentlemen

Downfall vs Back Street Boys
9:57pm 23/1/18 - Completed - Bank
Winner: Downfall

Similar upcoming tournaments
$120 Weekly R67:00pm Tuesday
Teams confirmed:25/32
Required minimum teams:8
Tournament status: Archived
Start time: Tuesday 7:00pm January 23rd 2018
Format: Single Elimination
Play Off match for 3rd/4th place: Yes
Entry fee per player:Free
Activate your free 2 week trial of CyberGamer Premium!
Prize Pool:$120.00
The entire prize pool is provided by CyberGamer, please consider supporting CyberGamer by subscribing to CyberGamer Premium.
Players per team:5
Subs allowed per team (optional):3
Maps: Oregon, Border, Chalet, Bank, Club House, Consulate, Kafe, Coastline, Skyscraper
1 map(s) chosen by veto on the match page at the start of the match
No servers are required for this tournament.
Platform/Game: PC: Rainbow 6 | Siege
Initial settings from: Rainbow Six Siege Ladder
Prize pool pay structure (3 places paid):
Places paid will not increase.

Teams that receive prizes will have the winnings split evenly between all members/subs. CG Credits Information.

CyberGamer Premium payout structure: (330 days)
#Team PrizePer Player
1st:67 days11 days per player
2nd:54 days9 days per player
3rd:31 days5 days per player
4th:22 days4 days per player
5th:21 days4 days per player
6th:21 days4 days per player
7th:21 days4 days per player
8th:21 days4 days per player
9th:9 days36 hours per player
10th:9 days36 hours per player
11th:9 days36 hours per player
12th:9 days36 hours per player
13th:9 days36 hours per player
14th:9 days36 hours per player
15th:9 days36 hours per player
16th:9 days36 hours per player
The CyberGamer Premium prize pool will increase as more teams join the tournament. The prize pool is evenly split between all members/subs in the team.

1stSilver GentlemenPAID - 60.00 - CyberGamer Premium: 67d
2ndDownfallPAID - 40.00 - CyberGamer Premium: 54d
3rdBack Street BoysPAID - 20.00 - CyberGamer Premium: 31d
4thTeam TahootYes - CyberGamer Premium: 22d
5thExtricity GoldYes - CyberGamer Premium: 21d
6thLose and DisputeYes - CyberGamer Premium: 21d
7thAus. Universal SoldiersYes - CyberGamer Premium: 21d
8thMother of WarYes - CyberGamer Premium: 21d
9thCasters CurseYes - CyberGamer Premium: 9d
10thRiskyDingos TwoSeventyYes - CyberGamer Premium: 9d
11thVanquish eSportsYes - CyberGamer Premium: 9d
12thRPM_RejectsYes - CyberGamer Premium: 9d
13thPrimeYes - CyberGamer Premium: 9d
14thHelixYes - CyberGamer Premium: 9d
Teams competing (25)
Team NameRoundMatch ID
2 Silver Gentlemen (seed: 17)5-
5 Downfall (seed: 11)5-
Back Street Boys (seed: 18)--
Mother of War (seed: 12)3-
Lose and Dispute (seed: 14)3-
Extricity Gold (seed: 24)3-
Aus. Universal Soldiers (seed: 7)3-
RPM_eSports (seed: 3)2-
RPM_Rejects (seed: 6)2-
4 Team Tahoot (seed: 13)--
Vanquish eSports (seed: 5)2-
The Hamouds (seed: 1)2-
RiskyDingos TwoSeventy (seed: 10)2-
Prime (seed: 2)2-
Casters Curse (seed: 8)2-
Helix (seed: 4)2-
Devious eSports (seed: 19)1-
Verdict (seed: 16)1-
Wildfire (seed: 23)1-
TEAM TBA - 4 (seed: 25)1-
TEAM TBA - 3 (seed: 22)1-
Power Plays (seed: 9)1-
Phantom Delta (seed: 20)1-
PanDeMonium (seed: 21)1-
Ripple eSports (seed: 15)1-
Teams that withdrew or were removed (7)
Extricity Gold
Removed by admin
Removed by admin
Removed by admin
Team Tahit
Removed by admin
Zero Point Six
Removed by admin
Zero gaming
Genesis FPS
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This tournament series has gone ahead 4/5 times in the last month. It has averaged 21 teams, the maximum eligible teams it has had sign up in the last month is: 28.

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